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kiwiben 12th September 2011 04:41 AM

Will my Carve 151 handle an 11m sail?
Hi, I have a North 11m race sail and matching 100%carbon mast sitting in my shed. I have never used it because I don't have a boom long enough. There is a boom on our ebay equivalent here in NZ that I can afford, but I'm not sure if my biggest board (a carve 151litres) will cope with that sail.

My biggest sail is 9m, and it is not always big enough to get my 105kg ass planing in our local seabreeze, even though the lighter guys are easily planing on smaller sails. (like 7 and 7.5m).

My question is, will the Carve still sail alright with that big sail? Or will it be horrible?

My skill level? I have about 500-1000 hours and am very competent at "going along" (Blasting I guess is the correct term) and I stick about 50% of my shortboard gybes these days.

thanks in advance for any input.

Remi 12th September 2011 05:43 AM

Hi Kiwiben

This sail will be not sweat on this board due to narrow tail for it.
But if you want to use this sail and plane at the same time or earlier than your friends, you should try the UltraSonic 147. Plane almost as a Formula but way more easier.

All the best

kiwiben 12th September 2011 12:06 PM

Hi Remi. I guess you mean not "sweet". Thanks for the advice. I do have an old Carbon Art formula board (I think) with a wider squared-off tail and a bit more volume. I guess that would work alot better from what you are saying.

I could drag it out of retirement if the Carve sails like crap.

And yeah, I would love a new Ultrasonic but my wife would kill me!

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