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Unregistered 12th September 2011 08:21 PM

Fin for a Futura 111
I have a Futura 111 and have been sailing it with a Choco Fireblade 40 (it's what I was given with the board). This is great, particularly in marginal conditions and for getting upwind, but I am only 52kg and find that there is too much lift, particularly when it's windy. Obviously because of my weight, I rarely use a sail bigger than a 6m, and am also learning to carve gybe. Would I be better off in windy conditions/ practising carve gybes with a smaller and slightly more curved fin?

Should I go for the Drake Freeslalom Swift (standard recommended fin for the Future) in say a 32 as my high wind/ practise carving fin? Any other suggestions as to fin length/manufacturer?

Thanks in advance!

Roger 12th September 2011 08:32 PM

Yes, a smaller fin will help when it gets windy and you are going faster.
32-36 cm sounds about right to me.
52 Kg. (115 lb.) is pretty light for a 40 cm fin on nearly any board.
You don't have the weight to control the fin.
When the wind comes up a smaller board with an even smaller fin (down to 26-28 cm for 4.0-4.5 m2
Also yes, a more curved outline will help with your carving jibes.

Unregistered 12th September 2011 08:45 PM


Yes I was wanting to get a smaller board once I've nailed my carve gybes (being an ex-sailor I have a boat to sell = money for windsurf kit!) But I can't really justify it at this stage!

Does it matter how curved it is, i.e. is the reason for the recommended Drake Freeslalom Swift that the board is designed for the centre of effort to be in the right place? Or does this not matter too much? I've heard they're not great fins - maybe a Choco Spirit 32 or a Prolimit Freemove 30 or 33?

PG 14th September 2011 12:06 AM

There are lots of fin manufacturers that build great aftermarket fins, typically much better than the ones supplied with the board. Choco, MFC, Select, there are lots of companies making good fins.

For the Futura I imagine that a fin like a Select SRX Freeslam 32 would be a great match. A little sweep to make it good in jibes, but with a sporty character.

Unregistered 14th September 2011 02:40 AM

Thanks PG, that sounds like a good option!

Remi 14th September 2011 05:09 AM

Hi Unregistered

After testing quiet a lot if fins for Futura, the best one we find for speed comfort and very nice easy jibe is the C3 Venom. We have this lrofil on Drake and this fin are deliver with the board since 2011. Did you try if?

All the best

Haggar 14th September 2011 09:41 AM

Yes, I vouch the Venoms are awesome, quick and easy.

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