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aletzzz 15th September 2011 03:43 AM

Futura 121 or 131
I have a Futura 133lt (2008) and sails 6.6m,7.5m,8.5m.
I am happy with my boat, but I want to renew.
My height is 1.82m and my weight 82kg.
I use my sails with a frequency of 50% to 7.5m,30% in 6.6m and 20% to 8.5m.
Most believe it is better for me the 121 or 131lt.
Thank you very much


Remi 15th September 2011 05:19 AM

Hi Alexandros

In your case the best one will be the 121 to be fast and have Fun on your 3 sails.

All the best

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