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Ian Fox 8th March 2007 06:05 AM

...Congratulations to Spain !!!
Starboard's Contributor of the Month Award for February 2007:


Por unanimidad, el jurado ha decidido premiar a Filochas de EspaƱa como el mejor participante en los foros de Starboard en el mes de Febrero, por su constancia y perseverancia.

By unanimity, the jury has determined to reward Filochas from Spain as the best February participant in the Starboard forums, for his constancy and perseverance.

Congratulations to Filochas - the Team shirt is yours, and you're the next qualifier in the annual Kahuna playoff. And thanks to all of the other participants in our Forum programs.

Filochas wins this month based mainly on consistency, but we had some solid play from some of our other regular visitors, and we'll be looking to acknowledge that in future months too.

Remember, each month throughout 2007, we will reward the most significant contributor to ANY of our forums (not just the Free Forum).

Yes, you got it. But we are scoring QUALITY rather than quantity.

Let's just say that again; we are looking for QUALITY rather than quantity - flooding threads with inane comments won't rate with the judges and will most likely score demerits - as well as some serious heat from your peers.

Creative and intelligent participation (along with a little amusement) will be judged on merit.

PWA Rules : judges decision is final.
Nope, no correspondence will be entered into - although we have been known to drink beer.

Expect a little controversy, but we'll play square..
(staff and otherwise embonded slaves of the Starboard empire are obviously excluded ~
...but beyond that it's open competition..)

( Yes, our judging panel speak French, Spanish, Schoolish, Girlish and even Prokidish, so don't consider the points are only awarded in the main arena - or controversy corner ! )

Monthly winners will be announced ASAP at the end of each calendar month, and rewarded with a Starboard team shirt delivered to their door.

And...The Big Kahuna will be announced at the end of 2007, and rewarded for their efforts with a prize of a brand new Starboard ... of their choice, delivered thru their dealer right to their location.

Where's the catch ? None really. Except we can't reward anonymous "guest" posts.
So .. we'll leave it to you to work out how to crack that one.

It's all a bit of fun. So game on. Play hard. Play fair. Play free.

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