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TaFish 16th September 2011 01:11 PM

Width of Flare

At first I want to thank you your mode to advise specifications. It's nice that you tell also thickness of every board..
Anyway, I'm little confused abouth the width of Flare 116. Everywhere (including this webpage) width is said to be 70 cm. I ordered 2011 Flare 116 and the width was 68. I send it back and ordered new one 2012. It was same again. The width was 68 cm and it was even written on the board. So I guess 68 cm is the right width of Flare 116.

Remi 16th September 2011 02:11 PM

Hi TaFish,

You are totally right the board is 68 wide and not 70, I will change this mistake, thanks

All the best

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