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juan1 19th September 2011 03:17 AM

ive got a ultrasonic last week and i have been sailing whith a NP h2 8,2 mtrs, my question is what is more powerfull , this 2 cambers h2 or a full race rs racing the same area? May i have your opinion on how both sails will work on this board?and what will be better for my ultrasonic? Thanks juan1

Remi 19th September 2011 08:39 AM

Hi Juan1,

I don't know your weight but if you want the best sail for this board, better to go more race sails than that to have a wide wind range on this board. Of course the sail will work may be to small except if you are very light. This board have a lot from iSonic but also from Futura to make more easier.
Depend if you want to plane very earlier or not and of course depend of your skill. The best average sails for this are over 9 to 10.
All the best

juan1 19th September 2011 01:20 PM

thanks Remi
i was wondering about the differences on a 2 cams sail like the h2 that np says is very powerfull and the rs racing that perhaps is more oriented to be very stable whith more winds but not necesarelly offer better planing????
can you help on this??

Remi 19th September 2011 04:25 PM

Hi Juan1,

Race sails have deeper profile than free ride sails like H2, so will deliver more power but also easier to handle in strong gust. Basically the wind range of race sails are the widest one, low end and top end depending how you trim them to get more or less power.

What other equipment you have to see the all picture of your case, thanks

Hope this help

All the best

juan1 19th September 2011 05:01 PM

Isonic107 whith 7 and 7,8 rs2
Ultrasonic , select s11, 57 cm - h2 8,2mtrs
Regards juan

Remi 19th September 2011 05:22 PM

Hi Juan1,

So I can see that you have experience of iSonic already with race sail and if you can go for a bigger sail for your UltraSonic 147 to really use all the potential of this board and make a big gap with the 107 in planning from 7 knots. If you are a Pryde Man go for the 9.5 Rs4 and if you want to go for revolution take the Overdrive 9.7 ;)

Anyway have fun with it.

All the best

All the best

MOP 19th September 2011 05:42 PM

Hi Remi

can you tell us something about 2012 overdive 9.5? boom length and if it rigs on 490 mast?

Sailboarder 21st September 2011 08:33 AM

I'm also looking for a large sail, in my case to go on a Kona One. My largest sail right now is an Ezzy Freeride 7.5 and I'm 90 kg. I don't want to race and I'm just trying to decrease my planing threshold by buying a larger sail. I'm thinking about a 9.5 or 10.0. If the wind is too light for planing, I will cruise around with my old faithfull Dacron 6.0.

I researched the web and also understood that I should look for a 2 cam "free-slalom" sail. Since they are lighter than race sails, they can be easier to pump on a plane. They also have about the same low-end than the stronger race sails, but lack on the high end.

Rémi, your comment is different from widespread wisdom. Should I buy a race sail instead? Is the higher pricing the only drawback on your mind?

Remi 21st September 2011 08:58 AM

Hi Sailboarder,

Your request is totally different due to the board, it's in your case a non planning and planning board this is another story.
If you want really a powerful sail that is much better than any Free Slalom sails go for a Race-Board sail like this, it will be perfect for your board and for your information the 9.5 is 5.2 kgs, sorry don't remember for the 8.5 but sure even lighter.
All the best

Remi 21st September 2011 09:21 AM


I have no information about it yet.

All the best

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