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ZedZdeD 20th September 2011 01:54 AM

Video Phantom 320 Tour of Giens peninsula (France)
Another cool windsurf memory to share ...

nakaniko 20th September 2011 06:41 PM

Nice. Thanks for sharing.
I'd like to do some long trip like this with my '09 Starboard Serenity in venetian lagoon or with my '09 Mistral Ventura when travelling outside, but I'm concerned about how to do if wind drops to zero (0). Do you carry a sup paddle? A cellphone for safety? And therefore what's your equipment? I've an Overboard waterproof backpack so I could use it.

Sailboarder 21st September 2011 08:58 AM

Nice video. I have yet to do such a long trip, but it will eventually happen.

ZedZdeD, I'm surprised with your sail choice. Maybe you could explain and contribute to the Powersail thread?

Nakaniko, I sail with a safety vest, and there is pocket where I can put my cellphone in a watertight pouch. You can use your phone in the pouch if required.

ZedZdeD 21st September 2011 06:53 PM

hi guys, thanks for your comments, please find requested answers :

Concerning precautions, I took as many as I could because I do this alone and it can rapidly become dangerous. I knew well the place and its weather conditions, I had done the tour by foot before, to identify difficulties such as rocks or places with important swell in certain wind conditions, and to see at which points of the tour I could "land" in case of difficulty. Then I waited for a day with light wind from right direction, and forecast of steady wind througout the afternoon. On that day I chose a prudent timing, took a waterproof backpack with water, food, cellphone with sea rescue number, wore a shorty despite warm weather, carefully checked gear.

Concerning sail choice, it was in fact mainly practical : this particular 9.5 was the only one to have sufficiently short luff (528) and boom (246) to fit on my available mast and boom. Apart from that, I suppose it may not be the best choice for a raceboard, as you would prefer lighter, more powerful sails, but I like it. Notably, it is extremely easy to rig, which was a pleasant surprise.

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