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Pelegrin 27th September 2011 01:02 AM

Crack Isonic 127 at first day!
Could You please explain this? Just one day on the board and only one catapulting and nothing more.

1) After my first day at the carbon 127 I first noticed that colour in the middle of the bottom was gone. You could see a black surface about 30 x 1,5 cm.

2) A 15 cm crack under the board going up to the front and auround it. On the top of the board the crack was also seen but it looked different - about like one had press a pencil hard in a line 20-30 cm from the front and backwards. You could also see a small surface (about 2x2 cm) looked like somting hade made a push on top of the board just near the front by the crack.

I really enyojed sailing the board and had over 15 knots 1 hour (GT31) in about 7 m/s with 7.5 (13.8-20.5 knots). But now i wonder - have I bought an egg-shell?

Sorry about this - but is the board that easy to damage? What to do? Will it break into two peaces?

Mr Pelegrin

danisfeir 27th September 2011 01:22 AM

Hi Pelegrin!
I hear that StarBoard are very good with customer satisfactory i am sure if you contact them directly they will solve the problem.
Good luck hope it goes well with you, let us know what happen.

Ken 27th September 2011 01:24 AM


My buddy did exactly the same thing to his new Formula HWR a couple of weeks ago, first time on the water after hitting an alligator gar and going over the front. Wood top and carbon bottom.

It seems as though the impact on the top somehow transfers the energy to the bottom and splits it open. You would think the carbon bottom would not split open from top side impact, but it does.

I have a wood '08 iS 111 and a wood F160. The 160 has taken a couple of nose hits with only a dent/crease not needing any repairs. The iS hasn't taken any hits that I recall.

While the competitive boards need to be light, I also wonder if there is something missing in the carbon layup that make these things susceptible to "popping".

ZedZdeD 27th September 2011 02:49 AM

err, hitting an alligator ?

BelSkorpio 27th September 2011 03:36 AM

Brrr .... , tough luck.
Sounds to me like a classic "split nose".
The crack goes from the top all the way down to the bottom.
1 bad catapult is often all what it takes.
Try to imagine that you're on the back of the board and hit the nose with a heavy sledge hammer as hard as you can. That's what a bad catapult does.
Not many modern boards can resist it ....

My son also had one like that on his Fanatic Ray, early this year.
I've had it repaired for 100 euro. Perfect job. Invisible and stronger as before.

Roger 27th September 2011 03:52 AM

That was an "Alligator Gar".
Not a full on alligator, but perhaps the one of the nastiest looking fish on the planet.
A sword on it's nose like a needlefish, but the knarliest looking set of teeth you may
ever see.

danisfeir 27th September 2011 06:17 AM

I am a bit surprise there is no reply from the Starboard Team.

Remi 27th September 2011 08:32 AM

Hi Danisfeir

Hahhahahha, you think we never sleep ;) First post at 1 am and my answer at 8.40am !!!

Did Pelegrin show the board to his shop, did he send a warranty claim?

For this case can say nothing except to make a warranty claim and the service will study the case and decide what to do.

All the best

danisfeir 27th September 2011 09:14 AM

I am sorry Remi maybe you misunderstand me, i am not trying to put StarBoard down please check my earlier post may help. I love my Isonic 90 the 107.
Again sorry! Hope you get some good sleep this will help us ride better. ;-)

Pelegrin 27th September 2011 04:20 PM


1) I hade the crack just some days ago.

2) I recently bought the 2011 from a private person in anouther country, probably sponsored by Starboard. The board was ok when I bought it.

3) I have no other relevant idéa without the crack must have come from one catapulting.

I got a lot of experience building costumboards since the 80:ies and I am probably able to fix the damage with epoxy. What do You recommend me to do? If the catapulting made the damage - is there anyhow a posibility that Starboard could be hold responsible of expencies letting a pro fix the damage? (You can answer in general if You rather like.)



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