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mikerb 27th September 2011 03:01 AM

Supplies of PT Screws
Starboard must be aware that the M6 x28mm footstrap screws used in 2008 boards are not man enough for the job and regularly work loose...then rip out destroying the thread in the plug. There is a simple solution, which is to use M7x32mm screws as fitted to 2010+ boards BUT no one appears to be able to get hold of these screws!!!! The UK importer Tushingham has no stock, the shops have no stock and I have yet to find a general fasteners company that can supply small quantities of what is a relatively specialist piece of hardware. These screws are Stainless Steel PT ( plastic technology) m7x1x32mm ( where the middle figure is the pitch).

Given the numbers of pre 2010 Starboard boards out there this is a customer service issue and to some extent a safety issue.

Remi 27th September 2011 05:19 AM

Hi Mikerb

We replace the screws to avoid this problems since 2010 models and this screws are available to order since this time as spare part. Just ask your distributor to get them.

Hope it's help

All the best

mikerb 28th September 2011 01:00 AM

yes I am aware of that but I could find no shops in the UK that had stock and tushingham the importer also had no stock. I have been contacted today however by a Starboard dealer called Blue Chip who say they have just recieved stock of these screws...not sure where they got them from because Tushingham had none! It also seems your dealers do not know about the different screw sizes or why they have changed so I think an importer/dealer product memo is required. By the way......I have an Isonic 133 and 2 Kombats ( 89&96) all of which are fabulous pieces of kit. I just hope the Kode is similar to the Kombat when I need to update the Kombats!

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