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SurfSerf 9th March 2007 11:43 PM

Go 180 Planing... Clean!
Hi All: Just thought you might like to see a photo (a captured from a movie) from my newbie video project -- mast cams and helmet cams for windsurfing and surfing. Go to to see a frame captured from my first use of a mast cam I created. Puget Sound (Seattle) sailing 07.03.07, 15-25 mph winds. A Go 180 planing at 22 with a 6.9 Revo... clean!

Check now and then. I will post a few more pics in the near future. Best wishes, Ron

jeff e of the greatwhite north 10th March 2007 02:15 AM

RE: Go 180 Planing... Clean!
i have sailed a few starts in my time the all time fave was the original.
I traded my F-155 for a start a frined had for a weekend.
unlike the fomula which was skittish ....the start was a smooth ride
It was like driving an old north american domestic car , not good in the turns but cruised over chop bumps with aplomb!! :D:D

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