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motta01 30th September 2011 02:04 AM

Phantom Mast Track
Hello, I just picked up a phantom 320, and it did not came with instructions as it is semi-new.

on the mast track, I could not connect the mast base - the button on the front stops at the shock cord stopper (the little black ball). Is this the way to push the lock to place the mast step?

On the site instructions does not have any image or explanation regarding the mast track.

Thank you

Roger 30th September 2011 05:38 AM

Hi motta01,
Engage the mast track release pedal and move the mast track car back (or forward) to the middle of the mast track.
I believe the little black ball on the shock cord will then be out of the way allowing you to pull the mast foot
lock tab up so the mast base can lock in.
I hope you received the mast foot as well as this is a kinda special item that works great on Starboards, but is not compatble with other boards and other brands of mast foot pins do not work well in the Phantom.
When you pull the tab up you should see the wire clip that holds the mast foot in the car move to the open positon.

motta01 30th September 2011 09:32 AM

I was able to pull the tab foward and place the mast step on the car. Now the question is on the foot straps. The holes are very tight and shalow for the screws. Wouldnt the screws reach the foam core if they are tight all the way down? Any tips on placing these tights screws in without damaging the screws head? The straps should be tightly firm on the board, right? That s the way i have my slalon boards... Just to make sure...

Roger 30th September 2011 10:07 AM

Hi again motta01,
OK, do you know if you have the 6 mm x 1.0 x 28 mm long screws or the newer 7 mm x 1.0 x
32 mm footstrap screws.
Please read this if you have the 7 mm screws:
"If you receive the newer 7 mm x 32 mm PT screws, and install them correctly you will have no issues beyond they are very hard to install the first time.
1/ Take one screw out of the footstrap, lube it with soap, and screw it (bare) down into each hole you intend to use for your footstrap positioning. You don't need to let the screw "bottom out" but just screw it in about half way to put some threads (like you would with a tap in a piece of metal) in the holes.
2/ Compress the K9 locks into the footstrap webbing using 2 pair of vice grips or a vice of some sort.
3/ Lubricate each screw with a bar of soap before installing.
4/ Retighten all you footstrap screws after an hour or 2 of sailing the board."
So, if you have the larger screws, it's best to "pre tap" the FS insert holes with a well soaped (lubricated)
6 mm screw first.
Then stack up the K9 anti twist plates and the toothed oval stainless steel washers on your new footstraps.
Lube the new 7mm screws with plenty of soap, and use a high quality #3 Phillips screwdriver ( the tip will be black oxided and heat treated).
If you use the correct "stack up" of K9 lock...footstrap....oval toothed washer, there is very limited possibility that you will punch out the inserts.
The 32 mm long screws in the larger size were developed specifically to correct the 28 mm being too short for the current stack up with the K9 anti-twists.
Hope this helps,

tonymatta 30th September 2011 01:23 PM

I also had a problem with the screws when I received my new phantomm 320 a couple of months ago.

They are simply too long for the holes. I snaped the tip of the philips screw driver as I tried to tighten them.

I had to cut a little bit off the end of each screw.

motta01 1st October 2011 10:08 AM

Correct tool
i bought a large philips screw driver #3 6" and it fit perfectly on the screw and had a large grip, this way it went easier.

Thank you for your asistance, alex

ZedZdeD 3rd October 2011 03:38 AM

I also have an issue with screws on my 320 2011 which I did not have on my 320 2010. On the 2010, I had no issues of foot straps turning; on the 2011, all foot straps are turning freely, probably an issue with screws lenght. As my 320 2010 is going back to Cobra for water absorption issues, I will swap screws from the 2010 to the 2011, I have to lose 2 hours doing that. I just hope I did not already damage the 2011 by uselessly trying to tighten screws.

Also I had an issue with the mast track on the 2011, the up/down return tension was too strong and made the rail go out of the pedal mechanism. I will also have to swap the mast track between my 2010 and my 2011.

Frankly, I love this board, but really, I'm fed up with these problems. Two boards back to cobra for water absorption, one defective mast track, foot straps screws of wrong lenght, and I a not talking about delivery delays. I bought 8 Starboard these last two years, but now, any other problem and I will not buy another one.

Wake up and please give us quality for our money. Thank you.

joe_windsurfer 3rd October 2011 04:33 AM

are the phantoms NOT ready for the market yet ??
too many stories here :(
one fellow broke board in two !!

Remi 3rd October 2011 07:00 AM

Hi All

Just to clarify that the screw are not to long at all just more difficult to tied but you can screw them in a bloc of soap before to instal them. Use the K9 and tied it and your footstraps will not turn, thanks. This was to stop the destroy insert with the old screws

For the mast track would like see some photos to clearly what you mean, thanks

All the best

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