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joseluiscosta 4th October 2011 10:08 AM

Sail upgrade
Dear Roger,
Need your help with a sail upgrade I am considering. I weight 175 lbs and sail a 2004 GO 165, my rig is an 8.5 RETRO (490 joystick mast), I use a seat harness, and always sail in open ocean. I also own a 6.5 retro that I never use since wind speed here is VERY low most of the time. In good days we get gusty wind averaging 12 knots, peaking at 14 knots. Most of the time we have 8-9 knots peaking at 11, so even with my 8.5 I find myself schlogging most of the time. When a gust hits I try to follow the steps to get planing, but it is a short-lived effort since the wind drops quickly and I end up rounding up the board.

I was considering upgrading to a 10.0 Retro (plus carbon mast and boom), hoping that it would overcome the marginal conditions at my site. Do you think that would be enough? I would be keeping the current board since the new rig is already a sizable investment. Having said that, I would also appreciate your take on that new JP super light board. Have you tried it? Magazines tend to highlight equipment designed for marginal conditions but they never mention what exactly do they consider marginal.

I appreciate all your help. Cheers,
Jose Luis

Roger 4th October 2011 11:14 AM

Hi Jose Luis,
You might get going on your Go 165 (165 liters x 262 long x 90 cm wide) with a 10.0 m2 Sailworks Retro (rigged for low end power) in 8-9 knots of wind, but you are going to have to work very hard to
get planing/stay planing.
The 10.0 m2 Retro is a very good sail for what you want to achieve, but a wider board (F-Type....Formula... or UltraSonic would "seal the deal".
I do not know about the JP Super Light so I cannot really comment. At 90 cm wide, I woulod be suprised if the JP SL gave you significantly better early planing that your '04 Go 165.
What size fin are you using?
Do you sail in shallow water or where there are weeds?
A big fin (66-70 cm) can really help to get you planing early, and when the wind gets up over 12 knots you can switch to a smaller shorter fin for better control.
Hope this helps,

joseluiscosta 5th October 2011 12:47 PM

Dear Roger,
Thank you for your quick response and suggestions, as always they are most insightful. I knew I was forgetting to mention some aspect of my setup. I use the stock fin, I believe it is a Drake 58cm, though I may be mistaken on the length. I sail in open ocean, no weeds, so I could easily switch to a larger fin. I figure try new rig+new fin before going for the new board? Or do you think that, even with the 70 cm fin, not much will happen unless I upgrade the board? I appreciate your help again. Take care.

joseluiscosta 5th October 2011 01:18 PM

Roger, forgot to ask you, by F-Type you meant the Formula Experience? or the F-Type model starboard issued a few years back?
Jose Luis

Roger 5th October 2011 05:22 PM

F-Type 148 from a few years ago.
Width is the key to using larger fins, and the combination is what will get you going/ keep
you planing in lighter winds.
Hope this helps,

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