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kid 4th October 2011 06:26 PM

spinout on KODE 103, help !!!
hi all

I am a french 1.75 m & 68kg windsurfer (quite "old" /52) and has been practicing for ... ouf 30 years

So I am quite experimented but not expert (see, lake, small waves)
After some 12 years with the same boards and sails (85l & 125l = 4 + 4.8 + 5.3 + 6 m) i decided to change all for an unique KODE 103 (2010 good second hand opportunity, for me one for all wind and water) with North ice & Duke (4.5 + 5.2 + 5.9)

On the board I put the straps in front & external position (4 straps), and the drake standard fin (30 cm)
All my trails were for the moment ... unfortunately soo bad : spinout, spinout & spinout , what I never had with my old boards & sails. (only 4 days of trials, as I bought the board in summer)
The position of the mast foot was in the recommanded position or in Front (what is better but not ideal as Spinout continued)

Please could you give me some advices ? I am sr I have to re-learn windsurf with this new board but what could I do as set up to facilitate my learning.

Position of straps ? front or back, 3 ou 4
perhap's new fin ? fin in what position front or back ?
I always navigate with wishbone quite below the shoulder / 6 to 10 cms (bad habit ?), is a possible problem ?

Thank you very much dear Starboard experts and sorry for my bad english.

Roger 4th October 2011 08:32 PM

First, take a look at the fin you have.
Run your fingers over the graphics and stickers on the foiled surfaces.
If there are any bumps/lumps/valleys that disturb the smooth flow of water
over the foil, you need to wet sand your fin (use 400 grit wet/dry abrasive paper or
one of the sponge sanding blocks in fine grit) and smooth out the foil.
Another fin , perhaps a bit larger than 30 cm may help alot also,
If you still have your old boards (or can get near them to measure, compare where the
mast foot and the footstraps/fin are located on the board. If there are large differences
in mast foot to fin, and fin to rear footstrap measurements, then yes, you will need to
sail the Kode differently.

kid 5th October 2011 01:19 AM

Hi Roger,

I had a look on my fins and the board (I keep my old small one which with I mainly practiced)

About the fins : nothing to declare, in very good status

About the old board, thiere are huge differences :
F2 maxxis : 261 long, 55 wide, 85 l volume
instead of KODE : 237, 65, 103

About the strap, two possibilities on the F2, 3 or 4 straps : I always used 3 straps which are a little advanced (2 or 3 cms) compared to the actual position on the Kode (4 straps, advanced position)

So if I need to sail the Kode differently, what do you suggest to facilitate my practice due to my "body" (1.75 m and 68 kg) ? as it is a non competition practice and as I want to find first the facility and pleasure before performance.
I will use also the Kode from 3/4 Bf to ... as I could in the high wind (1 board for all) without changing all the time the straps position.

3 or 4 straps and front or back position of it ?

Thanks for your opinion !

Roger 5th October 2011 08:16 AM

Hi Kid,
OK, if you are used to a centered rear strap, I think your Kode can be set up that way.
Was your F2 also an "A" box fin (so you could adjust it forwards and backwards in the box?
I would use the rear strap positions and place the front edge of the fin right under the back of the '
rear foostrap.
As far as differences in sailing style/stance, I think you will probably adjust to the Kode very quickly.
If you have some of fins from your F2 and they fit in the Kode, try some fins that yoiu know worked in
your F2 in the Kode.
Hope this helps,

Haggar 5th October 2011 09:09 AM

Hey Kid,
I rode a Axxis 267 (93 litres) for many years, and a few years changed to an Acid 86. I think that the Kodes and Acids are similar in the same sizes.
I had to adjust my sailing style as the fin would let go with my sailing style which was to use a lot of back foot pressure. This is not surprising as after all the Acids are wave boards. So now I dont use much pressure on my back foot, and put more pressure on my front foot, the board hardly ever spins out and if it does I can recover easily.

I actually miss the Axxis as I have sailed slalom boards a lot and like to sail off my back foot. I may look to change the Acid at some stage as I use it for bay blasting and dont really need a wave board.

Let us know how you go.....

kid 6th October 2011 12:02 AM

thank you Roger and Haggar,

I will try your recommandations.
About the last questions you have, I can't try the F2 fins on my new Kode 103, as F2 is with powerbox fin and Kode 103 with US box.
Now I only hesitate to make my first trials (again) with 3 or 4 straps in the back position ????!!!
I ask myself that due to the width of the Kode, the 3 straps position (internal) could be more for "expert wave level or freestyle" ?
Perhaps for my medium level a 4 straps position (external one) is better ?
what do you think ?


Remi 6th October 2011 03:11 AM

Hi Kid

The Kode 103 with your 6m should be perfect with this fins, on Wich sail you get spin out?
5.3 are still good on this board but need to go for a smaller fin and the other sails are to small for this board particularly if you ride with the 30.

Hope this help

All the best

kid 6th October 2011 04:04 AM

HI remi and all,

in fact I had spinout with my 6 and also the 5.2. I tested these two sails with the same fin, the original one Drake 30 cm.
do you think that the fin too bigger could create spinout effect with the 5.2m ?.
I had an other fin 25 cm I bougnt for the smaller sail 4.5 but I didn't test it.

thank you to all for the information

continue to help us to like funboard

DML 6th October 2011 04:36 PM

Hi Kid

I have the kode 102 wood carbon and I love it. It is the most polivalent board I can think about. Good for freeride, bump and jump, waves in light wind days and freestyle.

At the beginning I also had few spin outs. Do not panic! I think is time to study what you might be doing wrong. Here some ideas... Your Kode is kind of freestyle wave board so the way to ride is in a more upright position on the board rather than leaning on the side. Also do not put much presure on the back foot. Longer harness lines. Going upwind, try to put your weight slightly forward. With jumps bend you back leg so you do not land them on the fin. When overpowerd, try more downhall tension rather than outhall, you do not want the sail to be flat and squared in the centre of the boom. Well good luck!

dwind15 21st November 2011 10:46 PM


I am 1m74 and 67 kg. I got a used 2011 Kode 103, tried it yesterday and got the same spinout / skidding issues. Were you able to fix the problem ?

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