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walter 1212 14th October 2011 12:04 AM

IS board between IS 111 and IS 137
Last week I bought an new IS 137 (2012) and I had the chance to test the board with Severne Reflex 8,6. I had the feeling that the sail worked not really well with the IS 137 (using a fin 47,5). The next smaller board ist the IS 111 (2010).
My question : Is it usefull to puchase a board between IS 111 and IS 137? If yes, 117 or 117 wide.

Sometimes I compete in slalom racing.

My bodyweight is about 95 kg.

Thanks a lot


mark h 14th October 2011 04:00 AM

Not really, save your cash. iS111 and iS137 is perfect combo. I'm guessing your using Black Project fins?? The 8.6m is about the smallest size for the iS137 and should work good. Maybe play with settings and in time you will enjoy it:)

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