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haavar 19th October 2011 12:44 PM

Severne Overdrive on SB Carve 111
Hey! Maybe it's the wrong forum to post in, but I'll try anyway. I bought a Severne Turbo 6.5 this year, for my Carve 111, and loved it. But for lighter conditions, I want something bigger, like the Severne Overdrive 7.5, which I can rig on my Blueline 430. Anyone tried it? Thanks:)

Nicci 19th October 2011 03:46 PM

Not excactly the same, but I use NCX 7.5 on my Futura 111 as the largest sail, and although it works well, I wouldnīt go any bigger than that on Futura at least. Seems that the narrower tail (compared to i.e Isonics) doesnīt carry much bigger sails.
But 7.5 should be fine on Carve also.

haavar 19th October 2011 07:22 PM

Thank you! I've been dragged towards sails with cambers, since I feel that they have more power. Is the NCX nice, even though it's without cambers? Haven't tried that big sails without cambers, so I don't know...

Nicci 20th October 2011 02:13 AM

Well, itīs the opposite for me, havenīt tried this big camsails. But I bought NCX after a test in Surf magazine, where they liked it since it was fast and could be sailed overpowered well. (If I remember right, they mentioned it didnīt loose anything against 2-cam sails in the strong wind segment.)
But you have to go to the shore and pull more downhaul when the wind starts to hammer, but then you can easily hold it without excess pull on your backhand. And when it is big I change down to my Severne Element2 6.5m2 (2-cam), and then eventually to Overdrive 5.5 which is a nice sail also on the Futura.
You probably loose some planning power in regards to cambersails, but I liked the fact that it should be lighter both in weight and handling power needed. Can surely be recommended if you are on a freeride board.

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