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Unregistered 31st October 2011 10:15 AM

How to carry formula gear??
I'm just starting out in formula - with an 11.0 and 11.9. How are you supposed to carry the rig with the board?? I can barely lift the clew off the ground. Fortunately, the beach I sail off is sandy, so I'm sort of dragging it all along.
Landing in shorebreak is super tricky. I can't lift the gear above the shorepound. Is there some youtube video showing the pros landing and launching?

I'm 6'2 and not a total weakling...

BelSkorpio 1st November 2011 03:40 AM

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I know what you're talking about.
Have you already tried this ?
It's a photo that I made in Leba / Poland, Allegro cup Formula 2007 at the Baltic Sea.
Good luck.

BelSkorpio 1st November 2011 04:00 AM

Take also a look from 1:44 in the following clip:

Unregistered 1st November 2011 10:41 AM

thanks for the pic and the youtube clip. That's exactly what I was looking for... The bad thing is that on my beach, the wind is very swirly and gusty right at the launch and I'm afraid I'll get pancaked and trapped under the sail... This'll take some practice.
It seems worth it though - I'm getting addicted to the POWER the formula sails generate. My top end is a bit less than on slalom gear, but the smooth water and the insane acceleration make it feel like I'm going faster. It's awesome to be super excited on a 12 mph day!
The formula bashers need to chill out. I've been monitoring the deabtes on max sail size etc. for years, without having tried the big sails. Wow, what a revelation. I'm definitely grateful to the racer geeks for pushing the technology and trickling down to cheapskates like me. Barely used formula gear from a few years back is the best value in windsurfing!

BelSkorpio 1st November 2011 10:40 PM

Yes, I agree.
Big sails are also attractive to me.
Nowadays those big sails also don't feel too heavy when sailing, only when carrying them in and out of the water. :)
Formula championships remain very spectacular to watch.

Unregistered 2nd November 2011 02:41 AM

Looks like the move to master is the sail on head, board held by rear straps maneuver. Are you supposed to turn into wind a bit to let the board's bottom act as wing?
Is it doable when wind is super light, and all the weight of board and rig is resting on your head?

I'm gonna have to practice all this on the sand, out of the water... Better than breaking a mast or batten, I guess.

NED136 6th November 2011 03:37 AM

The best option is to lift the rig and board with your head is the sail and hold the board close to the fin underneath. This is the most stable position and most suitable if you need to walk a bit.

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