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geosurfer 4th November 2011 06:59 PM

Starboard Kode 103 or 113
I'm currently using a Starboard Go 155 and can water start ok and almost there with carve jibes. I'm looking to get a smaller board - 103 or 113 Kode, but not sure which one to go for? I've briefly used a 107 size board and got on ok. Mostly sail in force 5 to 7 at the moment, have sails 4.2, 5.5, 6.5 and 9.0 and i weight 82kg. Any help would be really appreciated! Cheers

Sailboarder 5th November 2011 07:03 AM

The carve 111 could also be interesting. See this thread:

geosurfer 5th November 2011 06:33 PM

Not really looked at the carve yet, but will do cheers. The kode has also been recommended to me as i sail in coastal waters with some small waves and a fair bit of swell/chop at times.

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