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Unregistered 12th November 2011 10:41 PM

Isonic 127 or 137
Iam 105Kg an want to buy a Isonic, should I buy a 127 or 127 ?
The use is from light to medium winds (until 25 Kys)

mark h 12th November 2011 11:12 PM

We are similar weights, I played safe and took Remi's advice and got the iS137. I do not regret getting the 137. I think that only heavy, tall strong riders can make the 137 go fast in a big wind range. Im using it from 10k to 25k with a 9m, 47cm and 51cm fins. I have not tested it against an iS127, but I did have the old iS144 and tested it against the iS133 and found NO difference in speed with GPS, so I figure the 127/137 will be the same. You will love it:)

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