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matjes 17th November 2011 04:28 AM

hi friends,
i am the lucky one who enjoys since three years windsurfing on a serenity...although i am addicted to freestyle and strong wind, i am totally convinced of the serenity concept and enjoy the lightwind sessions like the strong wind ones ;-))
Due to the extreme dimensions and storage problems (which are no real fun) i am eager to get a boardbag for better protection.
Unfortunately starboard is not able to provide a boardbag which fits the board!?!... i ordered one at a local starboard dealer, wait for six months!!! (because it has to be ordered directly in thailand) and then they sent me a flat boardbag which does not fit (to short!!!)...result: no boardbag and no dealer who would like to take up the challange is a shame that starboard offers a great (and expensive) board but is not able to provide a suitable and 3-dimensional boardbag for the price of 200 euro...
Moreover i made pictures for the dealer but the reaction from starboard seems to be starboard care about their customers??
maybe someone has a solution or know where to get a suitable boardbag...before i went to a sail maker to craft me one

Remi 17th November 2011 04:43 AM

Hi Matjes,

How long your bag was, may be they send you and SUP day bag?

If you give this to your Distributor you will get the good one.

This is the code of the Board Bag for the Serenity : 2012 STARBOARD DAY BAG SERENITY 1000000001015

Hope this help

All the best

matjes 19th November 2011 05:12 PM

It was a Serenity bag and the dealer ordered it directly at Starboard with the note of which year the serenity is due the modells differ from 2009 onwards...than we have to wait 6 months due to sewing time!!! The result: the bag was to short (about 20cm) and does not really fit the hight rails of the serenity!!!

Please give your TeamSponsor the following feedback: Every tripple board bag is better shaped than the serenity boardbags for this price...

Even more worse is the fact, that the dealer is not really interested in just handling packages back and forth liek a post office and therefore do not ordered a new one. Due to the reason that starboard was not able to definitly assure the next one would fit ;-((

Nevertheless, I love this board but do not understand the bad service due I see a lot more potential for the board. Everywhere I cruise on the serenity (lakes in the alps, lightwind on the baltic sea, all lakes around berlin,...) the interest is very high...unfortunately it is nowhere available for testing or touching ;-(( ...and the story about the board bag (which is essential in such regions I live) do not amuse potential customers

Jean-Marc 20th November 2011 03:05 AM


1) It sounds like you've got the wrong bag delivered.

When I ordered my Serenity in 2007, the Serenity 2007 board bag is indeed perfectly shaped and tailored to fit the Serenity hull. Still in great conditions after all those years of intensive usage, no complains.

2) To make things clear, which model of Serenity do you have ? Mark I (2007-2008) or a Mark II (2009-2012) ?
Which board bag did your dealer order ? A bag for a Mark I or for a Mark II Serenity ?
Which board bag did you get delivered ? How long in cm does it measure in lenght ?

3) Testing the Serenity is usually done via the distributor of your country because he knows to which shop the board has been delivered to. You then just have to get in touch with the shop in question to demo the board of interest. Or get in touch with a school/shop that has a Serenity for rent. But I agree she's not available everywhere for testing because this is the decision of the distributor or the shop owner to let you try one or not...

Cheers !


PS: Serenity Mark I :
Serenity Mark II:

matjes 2nd March 2012 04:47 PM

thanks...but this does not help to get one ;-(

by the way - do starboard still offers the serenity? there is nothing about it on its website 2012???

Jean-Marc 2nd March 2012 07:27 PM

The Serenity is still available for 2012. She can be found on the website here :

Cheers !


Jean-Marc 2nd March 2012 07:58 PM

Here is a picture of the Serenity Mark I board bag :

The nice fitting of the board bag under the Serenity mark I (tail view):

Cheers !


matjes 5th March 2012 08:00 PM

many thanks for the pictures...mine was just a blue one but to short ;-)
do you have a picture of the serenity II (2009)? is it a 3-dimesional shape like a triple board bag (due to the high rails of the newer model)???

let me know and than i will try again to find a dealer who will take up the challange again ;-)...

Jean-Marc 15th March 2012 01:59 PM

Sorry, no pix of the Serenity mark II nor her boardbag to show you.

nakaniko 27th March 2012 12:31 PM

do it yourself
For low budget reasons for my 2009 Serenity I've easily done by myself with two old longboard boardbags, the one for the bow used at 90 degrees, the one for the stern as it is. It's easy.

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