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Unregistered 18th November 2011 03:40 AM

paint coming off starboard flare
On the nose of my woodcarbon starboard flare a bit of paint has come off. does anyone if this will eventually damage the board?

Roger 18th November 2011 06:52 AM

Hi Unregistered,
No, there are several layers of composite material under the paint.
No long term damage will occur.
You can get some touch up paint or a spray can that matches the color and
mask off area, sand it a bit, and repaint it to keep your board looking like new.

Unregistered 18th January 2012 02:33 AM

yep my starboard did that too right before the bottom delaminated.
Just wait, it should start delaminating soon also. We have about 20 sailors at my local spot and none use Starboard anymore. Word travels fast!

And FYI, I didn't store my board in a bag, it was stored in a shady climate controlled garage.

Roger 18th January 2012 03:40 AM

So, you ride a different brand of board, made in the same factory, by the same workers?
How is this better?
If it works for you, go for it!

Unregistered 26th January 2012 05:04 PM

what other boards come out of the same factory?

Roger 26th January 2012 11:52 PM

Just about every brand but Bic!
The Cobra factory makes it very attractive to manufacturers to have the boards made to their
specifications and shapes at Cobra!

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