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ARMANDO 17th March 2007 05:06 AM

thanks Remi, i use the 8,1 in higher winds but i want to bye a 10,0 for the summer in light winds. What sail do you suggest to me? I want an easy to handle. Tell me about the mast too.You think its necessary to use a full carbon mast?

Remi 17th March 2007 06:09 AM

RE: f160w
Hi Armando,

I suppose that you are not looking for hi-level performances of Code Red, RS Racing, Warp etc.

So in this case I recomand you the new Overdrive R2 10m² with a Severne 540 Blue Line mast. We use this rig in Formula Experience class and is really good and much more easy to use.

All the best

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