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Frederic 30th November 2011 02:56 AM

Evo IQ / Quad IQ 2012

I have the Quad IQ 69 2012 and the Quad IQ 77 2011.
I mainly windsurf south France with on shore conditions, what about if I change my Quad IQ 77 with a Evo 81 IQ 2012 ? What will be the main differences and advantages or not ?
My sails quiver 3.7 - 4.3 - 4.7 - 5.3 S1 2011.

Many thanks in advance

scott mckercher 6th December 2011 12:09 AM

Hi fred
Tough on.
If you're liking the quads, I reckon it may be good to stay on them.
But in saying that, I know Timo goes between the two a lot. (From Evo to quad.)
How much do you weigh? And would you be going to evo for single or twin fin sensation

Frederic 7th December 2011 04:16 AM

Hi Scott,

Well, in fact finally I decide to stay on quad !
But I weight 75 kg for 1.75m and as I have the 69 quad for very strong wind, may be the quad 82 would be a better choice than the 77 quad ?

scott mckercher 19th December 2011 01:11 PM

If it's for lighter wind conditions perhaps it's the go.
But the 82 is my light wind board generally and I weigh 82,
So maybe the 77 is on the money.
But in saying that, my light wind conditions are usually cross offshore, and if it was more onshore, I'd go the 87, so perhaps the 82 is good for you...
Hope I'm not confusing you there

van 14th April 2012 05:07 PM

Hi Scott,

I have a similar question to Frederic. I have the Evo IQ 71 2011 and use it mainly from 5.0 down to 4.0 with single fin. I sail in Athens, Greece where we mostly have mushy on shore conditions with max wave height around 2-2.5 meters, and I weigh 67 kgs. This is my sole wave board. The problem I have on this board is that in over powered conditions the board is great but the moment the wind strength weakens a bit or in between gusts the board almost refuses to plane and it's becoming really frustrating. So I have decided to try my chances with a Quad. Juding from what I want from a board I now know I should have gone for the Evo 76 and not the 71. So based on the above should I go for the Quad 74 or the Quad 77. From what I have read when choosing a Quad you go up a size. So based on that I should go for the 77 but having said that I'm worried about the width of the Starboard Quads because compared to other boards on the market most 75 liter quads are a lot slimmer with width ranging from 54.5 to 56 cm. Your boards are 57 and 57.5 cm wide. My concern is that in overpower conditions I will get bounced around a lot and will not have the same responce as slimmer boards during transitions. What do you say?

van 23rd April 2012 01:03 PM

Hi guys,

Any news to my previous post? I was thinking about this and was wandering whether the 57cm width on the Quad 74 is a typo. Is it possible for it being that wide for such a small board?

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