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olla 9th December 2011 07:15 PM

Isonic 107 fin
Hi (Remi, perhaps?)

I've just bought 107 Carbon 2012 together with a heavier friend. Look's great (the board...)

My weight is 75 kilo and my friend is 95. We have a quiver of fins each of us, but have discussed the possibility to have one fin for both of us as a default fin for 7.8 days in choppy conditions. What would that be, SL4 40 or 42?. SL2 38 or 40. Mostly reaching. Have a SL4 36 for the 107 with 7.0 in strong winds and SL2 42 with 8.6 in the lighter.

I use 107 when he is on bigger slalom and when he's on 107 I go for 86 slim.
Have a SL4 36 for the 107 with 7.0 in strong winds and SL42 with 8.6 in the lighter.

Is it possible to find one (7.8) fin for both of us and is it still possible to buy Deboichet with discount when purchased a new Isonic?

Thanks in advance!


Remi 10th December 2011 05:49 AM

Hi Olla,

With 7.8 on the 107 the wind range will be not the same for both of you but it will work perfectly for reaching on SL2 40 or Slalom Down Wind on SL4 40.

All the best

SeanAUS120 15th December 2011 07:27 AM


I agree with Remi, the SL2 40cm should be perfect. You might get a touch more range from the SL2 than the SL4 in the same size; I feel like the SL2's have a little more grip so you can push them in to more radical conditions :-)

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