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jgf 20th March 2007 12:28 AM

Sardinia in May?
I will be in Sardinia in early May, for some sit-down sailing.

I'm thinking of taking a week - say the first week of May - to windsurf.

I gather that May is not the best month for wind, but the schedule is not very flexible.

I need a center with good rental gear, - Porto Pollo, seems like a good choice, if the wind is from the north.

Is there anything on the south coast? which would be better for May - north coast or south coast?

what type of wetsuit will I need for early May? Is a shorty enough, or should I bring something warmer?


Panetz 21st March 2007 08:22 PM

RE: Sardinia in May?
Sardinia is always a good choice. Do you have wind schedule for it? I say you only that during last August there were 26 over 31 day of wind >15 knots. In these days, Mistral or West wind are very strong (almost too strong) but Sardinia works, even when forecast show ligth winds.
Choose the north shore because the south one is good only for E/ESE/S winds and the W is rare to find after good swell from south, in Porto Pollo Sporting Club, you will find Starboard, in the others two centers, JP and RRD. The wetsuit, short sleeve and long legs 3.2/4.3.
Have a good holiday i will be there 2weeks.

geo 22nd March 2007 12:34 AM

RE: Sardinia in May?
I spent one whole year in Northern Sardinia during military duty. It was back in 1988 and I was in Maddalena, close to Porto Pollo where I sailed every time I was able to (about 100 days on the water that year).
I remember the wind being there for long stretches of time, then off for other long stretches of time. More or less, it was 1 month on, 1 month off. I got consistent nice winds in May and July. I remember my parents were telling me that in May it was raining almost every day in Rome... but it was sunny, warm and 20 knots almost every day in Porto Pollo. In August, it was windy almost every day, but lighter. Winter months it was no wind at all, or 40 to 50 knots.
May is not vacation time in Italy, so you will not find it too crowded; he place is fantastic; the air in May is full of scents. A delight even if one does not sail. Go there.

jgf 22nd March 2007 10:09 PM

RE: Sardinia in May?
Thanks for the responses.

I will probably be by myself. Would it be boring to stay for a week at the Porto Pollo windsurfing apartments? Maybe no body will be there in May, and it doesn't look like there is much going on.

Would it be better to stay in the town of Paulau ? - it's only 5km away from the windsurfing. I'm thinking it might be more interesting to walk around - more restaurants etc.

geo 23rd March 2007 12:02 AM

RE: Sardinia in May?
I'd stay in Palau. The drive is short and pleasing, plus the sight of Porto Pollo down the slope from the top of the last hill is something you will love to see each time. More, it is not said it will be windy every day, it is not said it will be always Ponente, it is not said Porto Pollo will be the best spot every day, it is not said you will want to sail each day... OTOH, of course, if you wish to be able to sail every last second of Ponente, stay in Porto Pollo and take your risk.
Don't expect much from Palau, anyhow you are right: there is something to buy and something to eat there, while Porto Pollo is probably almost desert that time of the year, expecially after the sailing is done. Only, beware of leaving your materials on top of a car at night.

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