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leoonardoo 19th December 2011 03:14 PM

Kode 80 vs 86 after Evo 70 2008

I have the option to buy either a 2009 Kode 80lt or a 2010 kode 86lt.
My smaller board is an Evo 2008 70 lt.
I'm 68Kg.
The board would be used mainly with 4.7-5.5 sails, 90% onshore, 1-1.5mt.
I've just started to "surf" the waves, but can't get full frontside yet.
What board would help me? Should I go straight to a quad??? Those are too expensive for me at the moment... The reason I'm asking is that I'm afraid the 86 is too freewave, while the 80 might be too small??? (I own a JP FSW 2003 84lt which I would like to change for the Kode, and a FS 100lt for flat water)

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