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John1 5th January 2012 11:27 PM

Futura 111 and biggest sail
Hi Kevin.
I have been sailing the futura 111 for 3 years now and with the Ezzy freeride 8,0 (2007) which do not exist at the, but i do have it. Can You please help me with the following question;

Do You think the new Cheeta 7,5 can substitute that 8,0 sail (2007) which has a lot of power, the most powerfull of all the years by Ezzy sails?

With regards,
John Jahr,

Kevin Pritchard 25th February 2013 07:53 PM

Hi John,

I was not on the Cheetah for 2007 but in general the sails have more power and more control. That is the goal of all the new sails. Sorry I cant help more but I think you will enjoy the new Cheetah

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