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Peterk 24th March 2007 04:39 AM

Starsurfer holes on bottom
What are the two holes in the bottom of the board, forward of the dagger/fin box, for?



Roger 24th March 2007 05:41 AM

RE: Starsurfer holes on bottom
Hi Peter,
In the kit with the fin screws and footstraps you will find a short piece
of looped over webbing with 2 short footstrap type scews and washers.
This is so you can attach the loop to the bottom of your Starsurfer (using the 2 screws and washers) and attach a tether line to the bottom of your board.
If you get some 1/8-1/4" line, and put a 2 or 3 oz. round "slide on" net sinker a few inches off the bottom, you can attach the tether line to an anchor and your girls can sail out to the extent of the tether line and back without wrapping the tether line around either the fin or the center fin.
Be sure to use the shorter (25 mm i think) screws that come in the tether attachment as they are about 3 mm shorter than std. footstrap screws and using a screw that's too long could damage or punch out the insert in the bottom of your board.
Using the tether line and a suitable small anchor (I like the little mushroom anchors you can get at Walmart, but be sure to take it out and dig it in a bit or better still dig it in until the whole anchor is buried so no one can kick it and injure their foot) you can let your girls practice sailing, completely on their own, in a safe place without worrying that they will sail off into the sunset and need to be rescued.
You can also use the tether line attachment with a longer rope (again with a few net sinkers to keep the rope near/on the bottom in the area of the board so you can let the girls sail out to the extent of the line, and then pull them back in as you coach them.
Hope this helps,

Peterk 24th March 2007 06:19 AM

RE: Starsurfer holes on bottom
Thanks Roger. I really lke the idea of tying them off to a mushroom weight.


Ellen Faller 27th March 2007 08:37 AM

RE: Starsurfer holes on bottom
Hi Peter,
with regard to the tether, please try to splice in about 4 feet of bungee so that if the girls get to the limit of the tether, it provides a little "spring" rather than just stopping them dead in their tracks.

Peterk 28th March 2007 06:30 AM

RE: Starsurfer holes on bottom

That's a great idea. With that said, I am absolutley petrified to put screws in the bottom of a board. It just doesn't seem right. Does the leash work well if it is screwed into the footstrap holes?

Ellen Faller 28th March 2007 09:38 AM

RE: Starsurfer holes on bottom
It's only scary the first time! Remember, they put the holes there, and not you. And no, not the footstrap holes; the tether needs to be underneath and centered. Just don't use anything but the proper length screws. Roger has it right.

Roger 28th March 2007 10:28 AM

RE: Starsurfer holes on bottom
Hi Peter,
People have tried putting tethers on the front and the rear of boards, but wiith a fixed tether system, that always "steers" the board.
Tiesda emailed me about where to put those holes a few years back and I said the middle but got a bit of an argument over putting them where they are, just ahead of the center fin.
I had to get Jim Drake in on this.
I asked him where the tether attachment should go, and he settled all the "discussions" very quickly.
He said "It has to go in the middle of the board, otherwise it will steer the board. Why would anyone think to put it anywhere else?"
So, that is how the tether attachment came to be where it is on your board.
Use the correct length screws (the shorter ones) and there's no more problem putting the tether loop on the bottom than attaching a footstrap to a footstrap screw insert.
Hope this helps,

Peterk 28th March 2007 10:25 PM

RE: Starsurfer holes on bottom
The screws that came with the loop are indeed shorter than the footstrap screws but, they are longer than the depth of the holes in the bottom of the board. Are the screws supposed to penetrate the plug? Again, putting a screw in the bottom of a board really freaks me out. I know, I know.... the holes are there. It psychological.

Roger 29th March 2007 10:59 AM

RE: Starsurfer holes on bottom
Hi Peter,
Are the individual screws longer than the holes are deep?
Did you measure the depth with the screw (with a washer under the head of each screw) mounted through the strap.
The thickness of the strap, and the additonal washer between the head of the screw and the strap should "space" the length of the screw so it's slightly less deep than the hole in the insert.
No, the screws are not supposed to "penetrate" the insert, but I think you will find that with the corect washer and strap thickness this isn't going to be a problem.
If you think it's a problem, add another washer under the head of each screw.
Also, use a small nail or something that's the same diameter (or slightly smaller) than the root diameter of the special 25 mm PT screws.
Hope this helps,

Ellen Faller 29th March 2007 11:34 PM

RE: Starsurfer holes on bottom
Hi all,
Just one more clarification - yes, the screws are meant to penetrate, i.e. to enter the holes of the inserts, but not far enough to "penetrate" past the end of the insert and on into the board. As Roger said, the screws seem longer than they should be, but do remember the thickness of the strap and the washer.
Your only other alternative is to drill a hole in the bottom of the centerfin, maybe an inch up from the tip, put a loop of line through it, and then tie the tether line onto the loop. Make sure the knots are tight on the line so you don't lose the board unexpectedly. The downside is that now you have a fin with a hole in it.
Use the strap; it will be the best choice.

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