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user 12th January 2012 12:55 PM

Problem with Futura
I purchased my Futura 141 (Tehnora) from my dealer in 2010.
I used it very carefully, almost without catapults in a season of 2011.
I have noticed current water from unused footstrap inserts.
Using vacuum on the board I has received already 400 scales of water. Please see the video
Survey has shown delamination-crack in the field of many footstrap inserts. (unused and used).
I have a hypothesis that it is a lack of pitch of fiber glass fabric.Please see the video
My research has shown presence water only between a fiber glass fabric and PVC core.
My dealer has told to me that the guarantee has ended, but I used my board about 20 times,
what are you might suggest 4 me? Whether it is possible to repair it marriage.

my video

Unregistered 12th January 2012 09:14 PM

Quite horrible !
Could Starboard response ?

Pelegrin 13th January 2012 02:55 AM

Interesting! I crack my Isonic 127 carbon 2011 first day using it. A big crack over the front. After some weeks paint started falling off from the botten and I had also two small holes. How they did come up I do not know. I am careful using all my boards.

Your problems seames even worse! How could this happen with NEW boards from 2010 and 2011?

What would happen if we all complain to Starboard? No doubt there is a lack of quality with carbon boards and, as far as I can see from the wideo, these problems seam to be bigger than just including carbon boards. Delamination is a big damage on a windsurfingboard!

windfred 18th January 2012 01:59 AM

I brought this problem to starboard's attention back in 2008. 3 yrs later and they still have the same issues, I guess they just don't care and it really sucks since the boards have gotten so expensive.

After Starboard refused to replace or repair my board I sold all of my starboard's before they ended up the same way and went F2 and have been really happy with them.

Unregistered 18th January 2012 03:28 AM

Why the company keeps silence? There is not enough problem description?

Unregistered 18th January 2012 03:02 PM

Really admire starboard .
I own 5 starboard board . They are not very durable but good ride .
I admire their allowance on this forum to criticize their board . Ha Ha !

Unregistered 19th January 2012 12:42 AM

yeah - well others admire your stupidity for not understanding that people are having issues with boards that cost a lot %^&*()_+

user 19th January 2012 05:09 AM

Really my post contains criticism? (only facts)
All that I want, to understand that I did not so with the board and whether probably it to correct.
After that incident I've bought starboard formula and isonic couse "--but good ride---".
But I have spent all budget for a year((((((

Unregistered 19th January 2012 10:03 PM

which guest is witch ?

Phill104 22nd January 2012 06:29 PM

You should be speaking to your dealer, not the brand. It is them you have a contract with. Depending on what country you come from the warranty may have expired but you may still have rights based on "fit for the purpose" laws. You should first approach a good board repairer and get a written opinion from them as to what is wrong with your board whether it is an induced fault or a manufacturing fault. If it turns out to be a manufacturing fault in the opinion of a good repairer then you have more leverage with your dealer/importer.

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