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Jacco 20th January 2012 02:12 PM

Quad 74 2011, struggling with setup?
I do have the 87 and 74 and love them. The 87 is plug and play and I love the sideshore setup. But I don't seem to become real friends in the same setup with the 74. With my weight of 84 kilo's I use my 87 with 4,7 and only unless it's really clean and without current I setup the 74. Also with smaller sails 4,2 and 3,7, the 74 doesn't get into plane quick enough to clear the whitewater with the risk of being washed. When riding, good carving when underpowered but in overpowered situations (which I prefer because of getting into plane sooner) the board has the tendency to stay in a straight line, making footsteering harder. I tried to get the masttrack back a little (2cm) but that didn't help much.

I'm thinking of the twin setup now, just to loosen it up more, or moving the back fins more to the front (they are in the middleposition now). In all the tests I read the board planes early compared to other boards and is very loose. What's wrong????

Jacco 20th January 2012 07:39 PM

Help me out guys, I changed my question!

scott mckercher 29th January 2012 07:08 AM

hey jacco
Not really sure about the non planing problem. I also weigh 84 kilo's and don't have any problem with planing on this board.
fin position however, I would move forward. I always set up with my back fins about one cm from the front of the box.
Am sure you'll like that more.
Twin fins will loosen, in terms of early release when hitting lips to throw tail. But am not sure if it's going to help with early planing.

Jacco 11th June 2012 04:30 PM

update planing/playing with 74 Quad
After two great sessions last wknd in 35+ knots with my 74, I want to inform you about the changes I made.

1cm bigger back fins than standard, positioned 1cm from the front. Powered with 4,0 NP Atlas 2012 (as I got rid of my North Ice's) and some changes in my waveridingstyle/skills. All together it worked out great! Planing well, jumping skyhigh and ultimate waveriding. I'm in love.....just like all relations, they need some work now and then!

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