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Guest 26th March 2007 12:36 AM

hybrid carve
Hi, I have been interested in purchasing a hybrid carve from a local shop and I was curious as to why starboard only made it for one year and then it seemed to disappear. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Thanks, Rob.

Roger 26th March 2007 08:53 PM

RE: hybrid carve
Hi Rob,
I had the Hybrid Carve in my demo fleet last year and at times it was popular, at others it was not.
They only sold a few of them (world wide) and I think we all can agree that it was a bit of an "ugly duckling".
Why *bd didn't continue with that step tail concept I don't know, but I think the development went into the Phantom which is a much nicer board to sail all around. Perhaps not quite as good in very light winds, but significantly better in planing mode.
The "focus" of the design was changed from the tail ( the HC) to the "transitional midsection" of the Phantom.
If you were interested in a used board, I think the last years demo board is available.
Hope this helps,

rob m 26th March 2007 10:21 PM

RE: hybrid carve
Thanks Roger,

After more looking at the starboard website, I am favoring the Hybrid Formula over the Carve. I like the wind range and I am also weighing in at 230 pounds so I am thinking it would be my best option for low winds and sailing around with the family. It will also be great when the wind picks up. Would this board react similar to the FE in the higher winds? Would this be a better board than the Formula race for me or Phantom? My quiver ranges from 5.5 to 10m. I also have a Carve 131 and a Start M for the family.

Thanks again, Rob.

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