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Toni 27th March 2007 07:23 PM


I would like to buy a 1 new slalom board for next season. Starting procedure will be at constant 13 knots. My weight is 91-92 kg (190cm). What kind of board and sail should I choose? I was thinking about iSonic 111 (or 122) and Gaastra Vapor 8.2; 7.0 (or 9.0; 7,6; 6,5). Do I need a bigger fin for a 9.0 (44) and smaller for 7,0-6,5 because iSonic 111 goes with 42 and 36? I prefer 111/8.2;7.0 combo but concerning my weight I am not shure.


Taty Frans 28th March 2007 05:26 AM

RE: Slalom

If I had your weight I will difenitly go for the 122 and with a 46cm fin when using the 9.0..


Toni 28th March 2007 05:50 PM

RE: Slalom
Is 122 too big if the wind is over 20 kt? Is that mean that I have to buy smaller slalom board?

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