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Jenny 27th August 2006 08:28 PM

Flying downwind
Hi I'm having lots of fun on my 139 GO - I can get in both straps in upto about 12 knots but after that I loose my nerve! I'm 5.0' and 135lbs and I sail 7.5 spectro in 12 knots then go down to a 6.5 spectro I feel when I'm really flying I'm going too much downwind - should I be closing the gap on the sail which I find quite hard to do or is there something else I can do to counteract this tendency. Thanks in advance

philippe 1st September 2006 02:39 AM

RE: Flying downwind
sorry, this is women zone and i am a man ... but if I can help you, my wife had the same problem when learning windsurfing (as everyone maybe). try to put your harness line a little forward, adjust downhaul firmly to let the wind go out of the sail and last, try to drive the board with your feet.ride side to side with another guy and try to ride the same way.hope that helps and excuse my bad english.

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