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Greg L 23rd January 2012 12:54 PM

advice on my next board
Hi all, hope you can point me in the right direction.
I'm 245lbs and sail in primarily heavy chop and swell,no waves. I often look for the flat patches to light it up and pull away from my buddies. I used to sail race stuff but as i'm getting older just want a lighter softer turnier kit now.

i'm looking for a new board for fast fun for (245lbs ) 6.5-4.5m. I was looking at the Kode 93/103 and the Futura 93/101. I like the sound of the Kode but wonder if a strap position further out would be missed.

Any of your thoughts would be appreciated.

Also want to add - I have a new ( other brand, ltd const.) Freestyle/wave board that i cant stop from spinning out, which is why i am on a new board hunt. Ideally i want a fast Freestyle/wave board but am reading a lot of spin-out issues with these boards when Race guys hop on. I have spent 2 years swapping fins and adjusting my kit and stance and seeking pro advice as well as the manufacturer. It seems that at high speed FSW boards are prone to spin out. Anybody have thoughts on this too ?

joe_windsurfer 23rd January 2012 10:43 PM

i am a heavyweight, butt not a warrior like yourself :)
have seen plenty of discussion on spinout, butt again never really had to apply it
here is an example:
it does sound like you have tried many things already
do you have more spinout on a straight run or through chop ??
hope others with more experience chime in
keep on rockin' !!!!!

mcross19 27th January 2012 11:13 PM

Hi Greg, not a Starboard so probably gonna get shot down here but I have a JP All ride, fast and handles chop well.

Greg L 27th March 2012 04:49 PM

Wow, 2 months and no team member comment?

Thought this was the ask the team thread ? :)

Ken 27th March 2012 05:42 PM


Regarding your second question, what board and size and how big is the fin(s) that are spinning out? Most freestyle/wave boards come with pretty small fins and with your weight, you could probably double the size of the standard fin.

BelSkorpio 27th March 2012 06:11 PM

Hi Greg,

Yes it seems to be a little quiet on this forum last week.
Not many new topics nor a lot of team response either.

If I may say a few things regarding your questions.
First of all I'm +/- 190 lbs, not a light weight, although quite a bit lighter than you, but I don't think it's gonna make much difference about what I want to point out.
I've been sailing 3 weeks ago in Dahab (outside Baby bay) with heavy chop & swell and winds up to 40 knots. These are definitely the conditions where I want to be on wave or FSW boards. In these conditions I don't miss the outside straps at all. On the contrary. Inside strap positions make it much easier. I also dont use almost any pressure on my back foot in these conditions. No need for it when there is so much wind and chop. That's why I also almost never experience any spin out in these conditions. So much depends on your sailing style according to me. While in slalom conditions, I always want to go for maximum speed, in heavy chop conditions I'm seeking for the opposite, i.e. control of speed and slowing down to avoid getting launched several meters in the air on one of the steep ramps.
The best boards for controlling speed are the boards with thin and narrow tails, like wave boards.
I've been sailing in Dahab a fantastic FSW board, i.e. the Fanatic freewave 85L. Super control and smooth jibing like a knife through butter. And when I tried it on the flat water of Baby bay it was bloody fast as well.
I think that SB has a similar board, i.e. the Kode. The only thing I don't like about the board is its US fin box. Let's hope SB will once consider PB, like most of the other vendors.


Greg L 27th March 2012 06:13 PM


In so many words the rep. for that board told me the design not size of the board was the cause, it was not suited for my weight. I have since sold the board. Yes, i tried a lot of fins and set ups, some helped but none had me satisfied with it's performance.

So... i am wondering if a board is designed to be a Freeride/freestyle/waveboard does it do nothing really that well.

I'm looking for a very fast turny board that will still track when conditions for my 145lbs are unreliable. 6.5-4.5 will have inside and out set straps and can be chop hopped.

Greg L 27th March 2012 06:51 PM

I can relate to all that you said. I rarely will be sailing in those conditions. For me crazy 1ft chop on top of shallow spaced swells at worst. Really all my stuff is slalom biased but wanted something more tame for the high wind stuff.

I have been sailing for 25 years and have a modern forward stance to a point. As i have always sailed more racy gear i leverage the board more equal weighted i would say. As you described it really depends on the conditions though as when things are crazy leverage moves to a more power off weighting.

The lack of power box is a biggie for me to, i have nearly graduated away from Tuttle boxes and by getting involved with *B again emerges a fin issue US/Tuttle of which i have few fins.


Greg L 27th March 2012 06:59 PM

Would either of the small Futuras apply ?

BelSkorpio 27th March 2012 08:02 PM

Hi Greg,

I think that it all comes down to what you want to do with the board.

When you said you were going to use sails from 6.5 down to 4.5 and also taking your weight into account, I assumed you were talking about 25-40 knot conditions. These conditions normally deliver a lot of steep chop unless you are sailing in a really well protected bay or with offshore wind.

I heard that fhe futura handles the chop quite well, but I'm convinced that a FSW or wave board does it much better.

In high winds on my home spot I sometimes start off with my IS87 and a very small 5.0 Race sail (North Warp).
If there is too much chop and I can't handle the IS87 anymore, I often only change my IS87 for a pure wave board (Naish 85) but with the same 5.0 sail and guess what. It works ! The much thinner and narrower tail of the wave board allows me to sail comfortable again with the same 5.0 race sail. Of course, I prefer to be also on a wave sail, but yeah sometimes I'm too lazy to rerig :)

On the other hand, when you are sailing in well protected waters or in chop that still invites for more speed in stead of less speed, the smaller futura is probably the way to go.

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