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mag1996 24th January 2012 12:41 PM

Mastil para Gaastra Neutron 10.5
Ojala me puedan ayudar, tengo una vela Gaastra Neutron 10.5 y la usaba con un mastil Gaastra 100 de 520 que es el que el fabricante recomieda para esa vela, en la último uso se quebró solo en la parte inferior del mastil, cerca de la unión de ambas partes, tienía com 4 veranos de uso. Tengo algunas alternativas de solución, 1) como comprar un mástil de 2da mano de 520 pero Neilpryde Matrix 2000 100% carbono. 2) Comprar un mastil Neilpryde X9 530 nuevo que aquí es un 25% menos que le Gaastra 100 y 3) comprar otro Gaastra 100 de 520. Es claro que la primera opción por costo sumamente conveniente pero no se si funcionará bien la vela o no. ¿Qué me recomiendan?

Roger 24th January 2012 01:16 PM

Hola mag1996,
You will most likely get a better response to your question about the correct mast for a
Gaastra Neutron 10.5 if you translate your question into english language on the Free
Otherwise, it would be better to post your question on the Spanish language forum.

joe_windsurfer 25th January 2012 09:49 AM

using google translator :D left "as is", butt one does get the gist of it

Hopefully I can help, I have a candle Gaastra Neutron 10.5 and used it with a Gaastra mast 100 of 520 which is what the manufacturer recomieda for that candle, the last use was broken only in the bottom of the mast, near the junction on both sides, com tienía 4 summers of use. I have some alternative solutions: 1) how to buy a 2nd hand mast but Neilpryde Matrix 520-2000 100% carbon. 2) Buy a new 530 X9 mast Neilpryde here is 25% unless you Gaastra 100 and 3) buy another Gaastra 100, 520. It is clear that the first option cost is highly desirable but not if the candle will work well or not. What do you recommend?

Roger 25th January 2012 02:38 PM

Thanks Joe!
Why didn't I think of that? Duh!

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