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Unregistered 26th January 2012 04:57 PM

75ltr Evo 08
Right, I generally sail 101ltr carve 05, which I generally feel comfortable sail until the wind gets too high. I'm 73 kg , so fairly light. I bought a 75ltr Evo 08, for a right bargin, a few months back but it's only now that we have good wind.. 25-30 kts that I'm starting to use it..... Or should i say trying to use it!!! Dropping down to this smaller board is a big jump, what do you think.?battle on with it, spending more time in the water, or as I have heard maybe put a smaller fin on the carve, to stop in being so lively. When the Evo and I get it on, I just love it , but I find it a lot less forgiving than the carve. Also best place for Evo fin position.
Any suggestions

scott mckercher 31st January 2012 02:30 AM

Hi John
Definitely get back on that horse and persevere.
It's the trial and error that makes the whole process challenging and enjoyable.
And it'll never stop. There's always going to be something there for you to improve on.
Fin position is generally with the slot of the fin box lining up with the middle of the fin. If you want to loosen it up a bit move it forward a little, or for a little more straight line control move it back a fraction
Have fun

Unregistered 14th May 2012 10:15 PM

to upgrade or not ?
Hi, i am thinking of upgrading my evo 75 08 xtv

im light at 64 kg i sail in coastal uk conditions.

First of all - i have been extremly happy with this board. It seems never ever to catch a front rail on a gybe.

I have ridden both the 70 and the 80 evo - and they really are a different design - in this respect !

My main worry is the width ot the 2011 / 2012 evo iq 76

Will i be as happy with this new board !!!!

What advantages will it have ?


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