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BelSkorpio 31st January 2012 09:20 PM

I've planned together with some friends a WS week in Dahab, Egypt.
It will be the first week of March.
Not the best month I heard, but I really need to get out of this freezing cold country.
It drives me nuts.

Somebody with experience ?
Any comments are welcome.

We will be staying at "Le Meridien",

RAW 3rd February 2012 05:48 AM

Hey Bel,
Let me know what it is like. Am taking the family there in April/May.

BelSkorpio 3rd February 2012 07:03 PM


I certainly will.

SeanAUS120 3rd February 2012 11:24 PM

Was there in March last year for 2 weeks... sailed everyday on 7.0m powered up... winds 15-25 knots. Perfect time I believe...

BelSkorpio 4th February 2012 09:25 AM

Hey Sean, great to hear this.

Did you rent the equipment or did you bring your own ?

SeanAUS120 5th February 2012 07:04 AM

I brought my own gear... as the hire gear places are a bit more setup for freestyle/freeride gear than nice slalom boards etc. But unless you rent a car (which isn't that easy in Egypt), which we did, you end up stashing your gear at the hire centre and paying to do that... so you may as well just rent.

The nice thing about having your own car and bringing your own gear is that you can explore a few more cool spots to sail, than just at the bay where the hire centres are.

Although, you could also end up doing this - http : //

BelSkorpio 5th February 2012 08:51 AM

Hehe and with those temperatures over there ...
I'll most probably rent some stuff at the Mistral Club. No starboard :(

Unregistered 6th February 2012 05:33 AM

Just a word of caution; be very careful when the tide is low. I broke a fin when it hit the corals when I was blasting in full speed. Insurance does not cover the fin (at the Harry Nass Center). Had a few bad cuts on my toes too; wear booties!

Other than the corals, Dahab is probably one of the best places for windsurfing holidays :-)

BelSkorpio 6th February 2012 11:54 AM

Thanks for the info.
I always take my booties since I once cut my foot seriously at a sharp stone on what supposed to be the perfect sandy beaches of Fuerteventura.

I suppose that you are talking about what they call the "lagoon" over there.

SeanAUS120 7th February 2012 04:04 AM

Yes, talking about the 'lagoon'.

Funny you mention cutting your foot at Fuerte... I did the same last year at the PWA event. It's volcanic rock over there and ultra sharp... usually some sharp ones buried in the sand... don't go near the island without crocs on my feet anymore :-/

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