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Mezza30 1st April 2007 03:28 AM

Isonic 111 speed
I have an Isonic 111 and have been absolutely amazed at the ease of sailing it. It is really confortable, it planes relatively early and is quite intuitive to sail.

But... with the larger fin I am finding it is not that quick. In fact, I am struggling to get it over 28 knots with a 7m sail. I am quite convinced that this has everything to do with me and very little with the board, but have also started to worry about the fin. The larger stock fin (42cm) is the only one - it seems - that isn't a Deboichet shape and perhaps this has something to do with its performance.

With the larger and smaller Deboichet fins both my Is 97 and 133 absolutely fly! So why doesn't the Is 111? Have I overfinned it with the 7m and 42cm fin?

Any tips welcome

o2bnme 1st April 2007 04:15 AM

RE: Isonic 111 speed
Hmm. I would guess you have been using the wrong fin. On my iSonic 105, I put an 8.0 on it with a 40cm fin. Have you tried the smaller fin yet? You might not get up on a plane as easily, but once powered up, I would think you'd do fine. When I'm really powered up, I'll use my 34cm fin with the same 8.0.

G 1st April 2007 03:16 PM

RE: Isonic 111 speed
I'm pretty interested in that as I'm just waiting the 111...
In my opinion you have to consider that 30 kns speed wall it's not so easy to overtaking and one important factor to better understand your feeling is how much wind did powered you in that case.
When it comes to fin lenght related to board/sail combo a very important thing to think is to know if you wanna blast or what else.
Thinking at purchased fins,please,consider that they are supplied for keeping the wider wind/sail range possible so,maybe,it didn't match the condition you've found.Plus,I think,you can't expect too much in top range performance by these fins.
If you wanna reach a high speed in 7,0,according on what Remi suggested,you should try a Debo sl2 36 and use a cambered sail.

Guest 1st April 2007 10:23 PM

RE: Isonic 111 speed
It of course might be the fin and you can of course try thowing money at it (other fins may definitely be faster).

Question is:
Have you already passed the 30kts with a different board or is this your first attempt to.

If its your first attempt you will have to get used to going that fast and improve over time.
If you already are used to travelling at 30+ Kts I would still give it a few goes before throwing money at a fin.

To be fast YOU have to be fast. Good equipment will make it easier but it is still YOU that makes it happen.

CarlosD 1st April 2007 11:33 PM

RE: Isonic 111 speed

As a recent owner of an Isonic 111 (sailed 6 sessions) I can say that the 42 cm fin is not suitable for speed while powered with a 7.0 sail . I use the 111 with a 7.7 Severne code red sail in the 12-18 knots range with the stock drake 360 fin (good upwind performance, no spinouts, high downwind speed).
The max gps speed I measured is 31 knots in far from ideal speed conditions (gusty-medium chopp).
I guess that for a 6.7 or 7.0 sail, when powered at the 15/20 knots range the ideal fin size is between 34/36 cm, and a skilled sailor would reach 34/35 + knots in flat water.

As your IS111 comes equiped with both fins (42 and 36) you can try this without buy a new one for the first trials, then you can try:p:p more speed dedicated fins in order to improve your results.
Please tell me your experience later :p.

pfaffi 3rd April 2007 07:54 PM

RE: Isonic 111 speed
Hi Mezza:
my top speed with iS111/42/SSR7,6=32,5kn. I am 92kg and 184cm. Because of the wide tail(49,2cm) the iS111 works never with the small 36cm fin. It needs lift from the fin to plane free and adjustments to ride it mainly with the back feet. Pull down your sail for more loose leech, rise the boom until you have main press on the back feet and position the power joint in the middle of the box. Have fun!!:o

G 3rd April 2007 08:54 PM

RE: Isonic 111 speed
So Peter what's in your opinion the smallest sail/fin that the board can match at 85 kg ? 6,7 and 38 sl2 ?
If so I presume that a 42 will match good the 7,8....
I'm still waiting a bit for placing the order of the fins....

Mezza30 4th April 2007 04:48 AM

RE: Isonic 111 speed
Sorry, I don't agree with Peter here but I think we are talking cross purposes. My experience is that the 36cm works absolutely fine in higher winds. I just need to work out when to start using it and I have a feeling that the 36 is actually better matched to the 7m sail than the 42.
Outright speed is affected by the size of the fin (but of course limited by the size (width) of the board). In 20 knots I can still hang on to my 7m with ease but the Is 111 with the 42 fin has become uncontrollable. To much lift means it starts to tail walk and in some cases literally takes off. The answer is to fin down, which is fine if you are looking for outright speed, because you are by definition sailing off the wind.

Anyway - the real question is whether the 42 stock fin is holding the board back? I still feel that it might.

geo 4th April 2007 02:10 PM

RE: Isonic 111 speed
To me its seems pretty obvious that a 42 cm. fin is holding you back with a 7.0 sail.
What fin/sail combos do you use on the 94?

G 4th April 2007 03:55 PM

RE: Isonic 111 speed
Fin cm lenght is not the only parametre to watch.Don't forget cmq of it.And,what about profile?
If we speak of sl2 on 7,0 anything from 38 to 42 will work.

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