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Greg L 25th February 2012 11:08 PM

New purchase Kode 94
Hey all looking for your thoughts !
I'm getting rid of my Tabou 3S 97 ltd as it has serious spin-out issues at speed. I have lots of modern equipment and have a modern sailing stance but after a lot of fussing with tuning have discovered the board isn't tailored to my 111kg sailing style. I did find the board to have a lot of float though.

I have an opportunity to purchase a 2010 Technora Kode 94 and am looking for thoughts on the design. I have a Tabou Rocket 115 which i love and sail down to 5.5. I would like the 94 to overlap the Rocket at 6.5 and range down to 4.5. I want the Kode for fast b&j and be a board that will track and be reliable when conditions are not.

What are your thoughts, will the Kode 94 fit my needs or do you have other suggestions?
Thanks in advance !

Greg L 27th March 2012 04:45 PM

Wow, over a month and no response.

? anyone :)

Unregistered 27th March 2012 05:12 PM

Go for it I have one and weigh the same as you

Uncle Mike 28th March 2012 07:30 AM

Hey - i've got a K94 and a Futura 101 and about 85kg

for fast B&J, particuarly for 6+ sqm sails the Futura is the pick - i'm only on the kode when i'm happy a 5.5 will be enough.

considering you want "the Kode for fast b&j and be a board that will track and be reliable when conditions are not" i reckon the Kode would be good, but the F101 (or F93) better

BelSkorpio 28th March 2012 10:45 AM

Hi Uncle Mike,

I totally agree with you, but remember that Greg is about +/- 111kg, unless my lbs to kg convertor does not work correctly. This means that when you (me too) are on a 5.5, most probably Greg is on a 6.5.
And Greg was talking about 6.5 -> 4.5 sails ....

Greg L 29th March 2012 09:13 PM

Uncle Mike thanks for you feedback on those boards.
BelSkorpio your converter is correct. Yes, this means which ever board i end up with while sailing 5.5 it's primary intended size most of my buddies will be on 4.5 and smaller.

I sail my 115L comfortably down to (my) 5.5. At 6.5 most others 5.5 conditions it's 64cm of width helps a lot to maintain speed in the turns and lulls. It would be nice to jump on a smaller board at overpowered 6.5 and ride it down to (my) 4.7. Imagine the water condition on most's 3's.

Thanks guy's !

Unregistered 31st March 2012 01:18 AM

might want to find a kode 102/103. nice loose fast feel for me on 5,8 at 92 kg so should work smaller for you,

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