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rdrsurf 26th February 2012 11:23 AM

Ultrasonic or Futura 131
I am 80 kg and - at least from my view - an experienced surfer. Up to now I am sailing a futura 122 from 2010 with NP hellcat 7,7 and V8 9,0 with a select freerace 44. For 2012 I would like increase my planing capabilities in light winds with 7 - 10 kn with my new H2 9,2. With these winds, my favorite location in souther italy is flat or slightly choppy.
However, gusts from time to time might even go up to 15kn.

Would the ultrasonic still work up to 15-18 kn with the H29,2 and the hellcat 7,7 (the with a 52 fin)

Or would overall the futura 131 or the ultrasonic be the best choice for me?

Maybe the F122 and the F131 might be to closse to each other and the F111 and the F131 might be the best combo? How about that ?

Appreciate your advice on this questions.THX

Regards, rdrsurf

BelSkorpio 26th February 2012 01:00 PM

Because you already have a futura 122, the choice should be fairly easy, i.e. go for the Ultrasonic.
And if you really want to plane in 7-10 knots, then the US is the only logical choice (except formula).
I don't really understand why you bother for 15-18 knots, because these are excellent futura122 conditions. On the other hand if you really want to use the US in 15-18 knots, it's possible. I've already done it with my 8.8 rig. But I prefer to be on my IS122 + 8.8 in these conditions. Even my IS122 +7.8 would get me planing without too much reserve of course. I'm 87 kg.
Like you said, a F131 is much too close to your F122 and although you're a bit lighter than me, I doubt if it would get you planing in 7-10 knots. You'd have for sure a lot of problems going upwind.
You will also need a powerful soft fin (>=62) on the US in 7-10 knots and a 10+ rig. You can use all the lift you can get in these conditions.


rdrsurf 28th February 2012 07:30 PM

Fin for Ultrasonic
Thanks both for your advice. Ultrasonic carbon is ordered :D.

Would the 58 fin be Ok for the 9,2 H2 ? For the 7,7 hellcat a 52 or even 50 might be suitable ? Apart from the Drakes or Deboichets - does anybody have experiences with other fins, e.g. select or mfc for the ultrasonic.

I would be happy with a recommendation.


BelSkorpio 29th February 2012 10:27 AM

I use the 58 fin successfully with my 8.8 sail. I think it is meant for a 9.5 sail, so for your 9,2 H2 it should also be perfect.

No experiences with select or mfc on the ultrasonic.

rdrsurf 4th March 2012 08:19 AM

Thanks, great. The US will arrive in the next days. However, the required boardbag is currently not available from starboard. I would be happy for a hint, which boardbag fits well to the US . Thx and best regards.

MOP 4th March 2012 04:48 PM

Maybe jp board bag light 90? anyone confirm this?
I have not seen a board bag from star board that fits ultrasonic and I find it strange...

MOP 4th March 2012 04:59 PM

Is there a requiered board bag from starboard ? which one is that?

mark h 4th March 2012 06:21 PM

Pat Love Core Maxi X Large 260 x 95cm should do the job nicely:)

rdrsurf 7th March 2012 07:57 PM

US 147 carbon arrived yesterday! Looks great :o. Ordered Isonic L boardbag. I will report on the quality and fit. Hang loose rdrsurf

Stargazer 26th February 2013 07:46 AM

Dear RDRSurf,

I'd like to hear from your experiences with the US i'm on the verge on buying a 2012 CArbon model as well .. I currently HAve a futura 111 and a fanatic RAy 145 LTD .. I'm planning to trade in the Ray for a US . I weigh 75 kg that would be 80 kg with a suit I guess .. And I'm still wondering whether the US would give me a big advantage over the RAy regarding early planning and speed ..
how do you experience the biard ?



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