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Unregistered 2nd March 2012 03:51 AM

Stuck Hybrid boom
Help me quickly! my hybrid boom cant adjust. It hasn't been washed in a while and is completely stuck with salt. Tried silicon spray, and soaking in water. Any other suggestions? (BTW the end of the boom is carbon fiber)

BelSkorpio 2nd March 2012 10:59 AM

Try with vinegar.
Put the blocked part of the boom in a little bath of vinegar for a night.
That's also my way of loosening up stuck zippers.

Roger 2nd March 2012 10:54 PM

Disconnect the hot water hose from your washing machine.
Use a pressure nozzle to force hot water into the inner/outer boom interface.
Clamp the boom to the bottom half of a mast, and push the adjustment pins in.
Then clamp/tie the ends of the mast piece to something solid or get a couple of
big guys to hold it so it can't move/twist.
Now take the back end of the boom and twist it slightly back and forth.
This will loosen it up, without doing any damage.
When you get it apart, take it all the way apart and wash inside the front
tubes with the hot water hose.
Spray off the rear tubes with the hot water hose.
Apply a layer of bar soap to the outside of the rear tubes, and wet your
finger and work some soap down into the front tubes.
The bar soap works as a lubricant and it's does not attract sand (like silicone
spray) and will not wash away in salt water.
I've used these methods to free up a huge number of booms, both carbon and
aluminum alloy. Some have been locked together for a long time, but after the
cleaning and soap treatment they slide freely like a trombone slide.

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