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Jacco 4th March 2012 08:57 PM

Light wind wave board
I'm looking for a lightwind waveboard. I already have the Quad IQ 2011 (87 and 74) and with 85 kp and a NP Atlas 2012 set (6,2/5,4/4,7/4,0) I'm happy from 18-40 knots or so. Now with two Isonics (145 and 122) and Severne sails (6,7/7,7/9/11) the slalomquiver is complete also BUT

as I sail in open water at the Dutch Northsea the Isonics are hard to sail in the waves and when the wind is good at the flatwaterspots there's usually enough wind at the coast to sail my wavequiver.

Idea; having fun from 12-18 knots at the coast, cruising or waveriding
So considering;
- buy myself an Atom and keep the slalomsails up to 9m?
- buy myself the new WindSUP-er (fun without wind but what about freeriding?)
- buy myself a Kode 113 and keep the slalomsails up to 9m?
-wait till R&D come up with a 105 Quad, ;-)?

and selling the Isonics and 11m.

Hope to read your advice!

Jean-Marc 6th March 2012 11:37 AM


First of all, forget using your 9.0 dedicated slalom sail for wave riding. You should need a much lighter and softer sail without cambers (with on/off power) to vastly improve the manoeuvrability while riding the waves. The slalom sail is way too heavy, rigid, powerfull and costly to be ridden in waves...

You have several options depending on what kind of wave board you want to ride: short board or long board.

1) For true waveriding, better consider a 2009 Evo 100 with either a Severne Blade 6.7 or a Hot Sail Maui Superfreak 7.0 m2 sail. Anything larger than that is killing the wave board manoeuvrability on this Evo.

2) For true wave/freewave riding in light wind, the Kode 103 with a Superfreak 7.0 m2 sail will fit the bill nicely.

3) For freemove/freeriding in small waves, the Kode 113 with a Superfreak 8.0 sail or a Kode 123 with a Superfreak 9.0 sail might be worth considering.

Option 1 is a 100% dedicated wave combo for heavyweight waverider.
Option 2 is a wave/freewave/freeride combo and you can adjust footstraps + fin setting (3 inboard and front + a wave fin; 4 outboard and back + a freewave/crossover/freeride fin) depending on what kind of programm you want to do depending on the wave & wind conditions. A true "3 boards-in-one" combo IMHO.
Option 3 is a freemove/freeride combo. Keep in mind that a 8.0 or a 9.0 wave sail is still quite big to handle when doing quick transition and manoeuver in waves...! When planing, this is still shortboarding manoeuvrability in waves as compared to what you can get while longboarding.

Your proposition of matching a Kode 113 + your current slalom sails 6.7/7.7/9.0 m2 combo is OK for freeriding or B&J, but as soon as you want to do some manoeuvers or serious ride in waves, you will be limited by these sails. You have to match the manoeuvrability of the board with that of the sail. Better take a Gator 7.0 and 8.0 m2 sail combo for freemove/freeride or a Superfreak 7.0 and 8.0 m2 sail combo for freewave/freemove program.

BTW, a Kode 113 + your slalom 9.0 sail is not an efficient match with your weight because you will be limited by a fin of 43 cm long (width OFO : 44.7 cm) which is a bit too small. This will never be as efficient as your iSonic 122 + 46 cm fin + 9.0 sail combo.

As for long board wind SUP-ing in waves, I don't have enough experience and I will leave that to other to comment.
The new concept of the SUPer Wave 8'10 looks very interresting for light wind wave riding. Freeriding is possible but the 19 cm long main fin in the thruster limits the sail size you can use on such a board (4.7-6.5 m2 according to specs) and certainly not with a full-on slalom 6.7 m2 sail...

Cheers !


Jacco 6th March 2012 08:55 PM

Hi Jean Marc, thnx for responding. Of course I'm aware of the limiting manouvrability of the slalomsails, I will only use them to freeride when it's flat or choppy. The Northsea easily has chop or windwaves up to 3 or 4 ft and that's scary with the Isonic. So in that conditions I need a board more capable of handling that, more bump and jump and racing the coast. But also when its cleaner but with less wind the board should have the possibility of riding the waves. I used to have the Starboard Aero 117 which was great for that prupose. Blasting with a slalom fin but nice riding and bumpandjump with the big wavefin. Biggest freeridesail is a North Natural 7,5 but also the NP Atlas 6,2 will do. If it's able to carry the 9m I will be able to plane from 14 knots? Maybe the extraweight of the cambers matters and maybe I will plane at the same time with a much lighter sail and some active sailing?

In that case the Atom as well as the Kode come in picture? The 103 is quite close to the 87 Quad which combines fine with the 6,2 NP Atlas and as there's not too often sweel without wind I think freeride and early planing is more important than manouvring. The Atom can easliy carry 7,5 and even a 7,7 camber with its width, better than the Kode (reading the specs)?

Jean-Marc 7th March 2012 02:44 PM


OK, it now looks like you don't want to waveride in low wind with say an 8.0 or 9.0 wave sail. You want to keep your 9.0 slalom sail anyway to do easy but fast freeriding. Fine, let's see the options :

First question : what is your planing threshold (start with active pumping and sustain) with your iSonic 122 + 46/48 cm fin + 9.0 slalom sail ? 16 knots ? 14 knots ? 12 knots ? 10 knots ?

Second question : why not keeping the iSonic 145 with your 9.0 + 11 m2 sail quiver and swap your iSonic 122 for an easier board to be used with your 6.7 + 7.7 slalom sail quiver ?

Do you still have the Aero 117 with you? I remember old posts from Dolf who was waveriding the Aero with Superfreak 8 or 9 m2 sail combo in light wind conditions in Maui. He's still around on the HSM forum, so you can ask him what he is currently using... No idea what is the planing threshold of an Aero + 9.0 sail combo for a 85 kg rider, sorry.

The Aero has been replaced by the large Kode. However, the Aero was a very big wave board (much like an Evo under stero´d) whereas the current Kode 113 and 123 have lost that heritage and are now more freemove/freeride-oriented. I would say a cam slalom sail would match better the big Kode than the Aero because of general outline, scoop-rocker line, rail and tail block shape. The Kode and the Aero are really different animals with divergent focus.

Yet, if you want to keep your slalom sail and have an easier time blasting around in nasty chop, better swap your iSonic 122 and take a Futura 121 or 131 with your 6.7/7.7/9.0 slalom sails. The Futura are much nicer and easy-going when water conditions worsen a lot. Still, a Futura is a free-slalom weapon, not much in common with a freemove/freeride Kode.

With 1-1.2 m high windwaves and nasty chop, you'll need a board with softer and thinner rails. In that case : Aero > Kode > Futura > iSonic to go easy in rough water + light wind.

I would keep the iSonic 145 with the 11 m2 sail for those F3-F4 light wind days. Nothing beats a big sail in light wind, especially with your 85 kg weight. I am unsure whether an Ultrasonic would provide you an easier time in rough water than that with your current iSonic 145 because both are a killer combo with an 11 m2 sail for heavy weight who do not want to go the high-skills-demanding Formula way.

Finally, I did not follow through the arguments of the Atom vs Kode 103 vs Quad 87 with your Atlas 6.2/Natural 7.5/slalom 7.7 m2 sail quiver.
Do you want to replace the Quad 87 with a Kode 103 or with an Atom ?
Or do you want to keep your Quad 87 and iSonic 145, add either a Kode 103 or an Atom, and delete the iSonic 122 ? If so, you will use the iSonic 145 with your 9.0 sail, is that correct ? (Kode 103 or Atom are way too smal with a 9.0 sail).

In summary :

Option 1:
Quad 87 (6.2 Atlas and smaller)
Aero 117 (6.7/7.7/9.0 cam slalom sails + 7.5 Natural)
iSonic 145 (11.0 slalom sail)

Option 2:
Quad 87 (6.2 Atlas and smaller)
Futura 121/131 (6.7/7.7/9.0 cam slalom sails + 7.5 Natural)
iSonic 145 (11.0 slalom sail)

Option 3:
Quad 87 (6.2 Atlas and smaller)
Kode 103 / Atom (6.7/7.7 cam slalom sails + 7.5 Natural)
iSonic 145 (9.0 + 11.0 slalom sail)

Cheers !


Jacco 7th March 2012 10:25 PM

Hi JM, yes, the Quads 87/74 are my baby's, I love the boards especially the 87 which I use a lot! I want to increase my TOW and I guess the last option is the most realistic, I guess. I find it hard to choose between the Atom and Kode. I sailed the 2009 EVO's before my quads and I guess the Kode is quite similar too the 90 EVO I had? It will have to be my weapon for 16-18 knots I guess. I can imagine the Kode is a lot better waverider because of it's smaller tail compared to the Atom. I like the concept of the Atom however, thin and with its width capable of carrying a 8m sail?

Jean-Marc 8th March 2012 05:25 PM


Kode and Evo are not the same. Evo are much more slashy, wavy and turny than Kode. The Kode 103 is more freewave-oriented whereas the Atom is more freeride-oriented.

To wave ride : Evo > Kode >> Atom
To freeride & blast : Atom > Kode >> Evo

The Atom is more or less a thinned-down version of the Kode 113 with slimmed rail and much less volume. The Atom 99 will be a semi-sinker for your 85 kg weight ( However, this low volume could provide you a lively and fun freeride board to ride under your feet in heavy chop and wind waves, even with a large 8.x sail. If you can waterstart in light wind with ease, go for it. If one day the wind is too light to waterstart, swap the Atom for the big iSonic 145 and continue riding with the same 8.x sail.

Bear in mind that the 2011 Atom has a power box whereas the 2010 Atom has a Tuttle box, so if you want to use the Atom in waves, it will be easier to find small wave/crossover fins in power box format althought Select do provide wave & crossover fins in Tuttle box as well ( and Do not go any longer than a 40-42 cm freeride fin with a large 8.x sail. The stock 36 cm freeride fin would be a perfect match with your 7.5 Natural sail already.

I agree the Atom can carry a large sail up to 8.0-8.5 m2 with your weight. On our french forum, there is a 75 kg rider who is using his Atom with an 8.5 m2 sail and he's having great fun as of 12-14 knots (
Tiesda has been using a 9.5 sail + 42 cm freeride fin on the Atom but he's a light weight rider at 60-65 kg ! (

Cheers !


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