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rdrsurf 7th March 2012 07:45 PM

Isonic 117 or futura 121

currently I am using a futura 122 2010 wood with sails 6,5 (firely)and 7,7 (hellcat). I am 80 kg and an advanced surfer - however my powerjibes still need further practice. With my futura I love to do hobby racing with my friends which works really well - particularly given the top speed of the futura paired with a very good control.

For light winds I am glad to soon using my new US147 carbon with 9.2 H2 which arrived yesterday:)

Now I am thinking about changing to an IS 117 carbon. The question for me is, what would be pros and cons, e.g. regarding planing, jibing, control and speed.

I would appreciate some advice on this topic.



Chris Pressler 9th March 2012 12:22 AM

Hi Rdrsurf,
you will have a board which feels a bit lighter and you can accelerate more. You can probably go faster and you can go with a bigger sail. Jibing will be nice as well. Probably you have to be a bit more active getting the board started when itīs really light. You need to sail a bit more technical. But teh board will teach you sailing in teh right position. You can use the 9,2 as well on the 117. With the right fin you probably will be much more competitive.
As the iSonic 117 is wider and shorter the feeling will be a bit different and you will need some hours to get into it 100%. But if your goals are to race a bit more, teh 117 will be a great choice.

Hope it helps,

rdrsurf 10th March 2012 05:00 PM

Hi Chris,

thanks for your reply. It really covers all the different aspects being relevant for my decision.I think it is really worth trying. I will ask my dealer for an offer for an IS117.

One last issue : would you recommend wood or carbon ? (I like the carbon looks)



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