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RadiantX 14th March 2012 11:36 PM

Isonic questions
Hi All,

I asked in another thread about the Isonic but got no reply so I guess my questions could have been clearer :)

How do similar sized Isonic's compared with similar sized Futura's? Will they plane sooner and have more power to sail upwind? eg. How would the 107 Carbon Isonic compare to the Futura111. Which would be quicker to plane and head upwind better? If all other variables were the same that is.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Ken 15th March 2012 04:58 PM


I haven't sailed a Futura, but I have an iS 111. When I was deciding what to buy, I was torn between the two boards, but finally decided to go with the iS because I already had a 105 liter bump and jump board and felt the iS would be better in lighter winds altough its volume was 108 liters. This turned out to be correct. I use 4.5 - 6.6 sails on the 105 board and 6.6 - 8.4 on the iS.

I weigh 77kg. No doubt that the iS will plane earlier, point higher and run deeper than the Futura because of the tail width and bigger fin. The iS boards are reasonably fast, but are rougher in the chop than a board with more V in the bottom and a narrow tail. Also, the outboard foot straps on the iS take some getting used to. The front strap is easy to get into, but the back strap can be a challenge.

I think the iS boards are better suited to advanced & expert sailors. Intermediate sailors will have more fun on a Futura, but will not plane as early.

Even though the iS 107 and Futura 111 are close in volume and have the same width, they will perform somewhat differently, but not as much as my two boards.

I hope this helps.

RadiantX 16th March 2012 09:49 PM

Hi Ken,

I appreciate the reply/feedback on the Isonic and your thoughts between the two. I have the 2011 Futura111 in wood but am looking at a 8m+ sail for lighter winds. I mostly sail in rough chop and moderate swell so the Isonic might not be the best choice. Maybe a bigger Futura (121) in carbon might be the safest bet. I was looking for a board that might be a little more powerful especially upwind and even a little more challenging than the Futura's to sail. The Fanatic Falcon also has my attention :)

Thanks once again.

Ken 17th March 2012 02:20 PM


Maybe if you provide a little more information - Weight, experience, typical conditions, sails, etc. others may jump in and help you out too.

My thought is that the futura 111 and 121 are too close in size and will overlap too much. I jump from my iS 111 to my formula board which works fine for me (8.4 on the iS to 9.2 on the formula). You need to think about your typical sailing conditions and if you could, what sails you would have in your quiver and then which boards would cover the range of conditions you will mostly encounter. In other words, estimate your perfect quiver of boards and sails, and as your skills improve and your money allows, add pieces to your quivers that make sense considering your overall goal. Both a futura 111 and 121 don't make sense.

Most windsurfers want to plane as early as possible, but many don't want to go with "giant sails and boards" because of the costs including masts and booms. With that said, most sailors that frequently encounter lighter winds (10-15 knots) will most likely have a sail in the 8-9 meter range and a large slalom or freeride board in the 130-140 liter range, then they may have one or two smaller boards for higher winds.

We are just guessing at what would work best for you until we get more information.

Remi 17th March 2012 10:26 PM

Hi RadiantX

Their is another factor who is very important, please let me know Wich sails you will use

All the best

RadiantX 18th March 2012 12:19 AM

Hi guys, thanks for your replies...

Details - 82kg, 185cm height, advanced (bottom to mid) rider. I enjoy freeracing, gps racing and the occasional organised racing event in chop and swell more so than flat water. Current setup is the 2011 wood Fu111, 2011 Ezzy Infinity 7m, 38 & 40cm Venoms and a 41cm SL12 slam fin.

The above setup is great in 16-22 knots. But it is more often 14-18 in our typical seabreeze season and I am finding more often than not I am underpowered and struggle to point upwind well. Frustration has set in. I need to do something to be able to sail more competitively in 14-18 knots. Loss weight, yes, but I think this is'nt so easy :) and may not be enough.

My thoughts were to;

A. Change to a larger freerace board (Fu121 or similar) and larger sail and sell the Fu111.
B. Change to a similar spec slalom board and add a larger sail.

Preference would be to still have good upper end control for when things got a bit stronger and rougher, ie. 18-22 knots. I may be trying to fit too much of a wind range into one board however?

I jump down to my Kode94 and 5.8m wave sails when it hits 18+ knots and I have the time to make the change but mostly I just add a little more outhaul and continue as time is mostly limited especially afternoons after work.

Remi 18th March 2012 10:22 PM

Hi RadiantX

In your case the Futura 121 with your 7.0 and a 8.0 will do the job perfectly in that wind range.

Please consider also that the Futura111 is also totally different this year with better planning than predecessor and if it's very choppy that.can the choice with same size sails and you will be faster and more comfortable. I recommend you to choose the Carbon one to get the best performances. Have Fun.

All the best

RadiantX 18th March 2012 11:44 PM

Hi Remi,

I suspected as much with regards to the 2012 Futura111. Having the wider tail and larger fin as well as other small changes I thought might make it still a good choice for me. My preference was to not have to go to a larger board if possible. Carbon was my choice also.

It sounds like either boards would work well. I guess it just depends if I want to also keep that top end range.

Thank you for taking the time to comment. Cheers!

Remi 19th March 2012 06:56 AM

Hi RadiantX

You are welcome

So the best option will be the Futura 111 in Carbon, you will have the best top end speed and on top the better comfort.

All the best

RadiantX 30th April 2012 06:59 AM

Remi, with that in mind, which would you suggest be the biggest sail I use on the 2012 Fu111? Would a 8m work well?

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