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James 19th April 2012 08:26 PM

SUP that can plane - In the SB range?
I have a typical 10'4" SUP board from another brand. It has a mast track so you can use it with sail power, but because of the rocker shape it can never get planing.

It sure would be nice, both for waveriding purposes and for flat water freeride purposes, if it could plane.

So far the only board I've heard of that can sup well AND plane well is the Exocet WindSUP, which has a step-tail design.

But that board has a crummy allgier daggerboard system and at 360 x 79 cm and 220 liters it's a size or two larger than would be ideal for me at 75 kg.

Are there any SUP boards in the starboard line that plane WELL? Why aren't more people making step-tail boards?


ZedZdeD 20th April 2012 10:11 AM

one possibility could be
instead of using a SUP which can be used as a windsurf
try a windsurf which can be used as a SUP

I use my Phantom Race 320 (320x72 260 liters) sometimes as a stand-up paddle,
it provides a great lateral stability thanks to the daggerboard,
great longitudinal stability due to the large fin (even a bit too much for this use)
and basically it is a great windsurf raceboard in light and medium winds

I just wish Starboard would further enhance the versatility of the board by providing four additional inserts on the deck to allow installing a kayak seat, I advocated this several times, but without getting attention so far, too bad

Sailboarder 20th April 2012 08:30 PM

The *board SUPer Wave 8'10 could be what you are looking for. The back is flattish for planing.

Otherwise, the Kona 11.5, now renamed in Exocet, could meet your requirement.

James 21st April 2012 02:42 PM

The SUPer 8'10" looks pretty interesting. I like that it has footstraps in the front, at least.

Are there any reviews or videos of it that give some more info on it's planing, paddling, and wave-riding characteristics?

How does it compare to the AHD SeaLion or SeaLion XL, which I would assume are its closest relatives in terms of intended use?

Overall I'm kind of frustrated by the lack of clarity in classification of SUP / Longboard-Waveboard planing and paddling versus windsurfing characteristics. It's hard to sort it all out.

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