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kvda 24th April 2012 01:45 PM

new isonics - new fins?
I'm using isonics since 2006, so from the start on! Love 'm. But it occured to me that for the 2011 / 2012 editions, the isonics need somewhat other type of fins than before. Is that just my impression, or does it have a reasonable explanation? Anyone the same experience?

SeanAUS120 25th April 2012 04:12 AM

I can't speak for every size of iSonic ...

But I do still have some of the older smaller boards from 2006/07 to compare to the current '12 lineup. I believe the newer boards do respond well with older style fins. ie, I still have some Deboichet fins that I picked up a good 6-8 years ago that suit perfectly the newer (and older) boards.

That being said, in the past 5 years we've had radical fin development improvements in slalom boards. I see a lot of the fins nowadays under the top guy's feet have taken a lot of the ideas we've discovered in formula fins and applied them to slalom: softer bend curves, more swept-back outlines, more twist... and I do believe these newer fins are a definite improvement vs older Deb/Select/Tectonic shapes from many years ago.

So I don't think it's the board's fault, I think we've just seen newer and improved fins on the market. The older fins still work perfectly now, but the newer fins can give you the edge, and I think they've played a roll in extending the windranges of the boards...

mark h 25th April 2012 09:52 PM

I heard that the 2013 iSonics were being tested with F4 E3/D2 fins. Any one got any details as yet? :)

Remi 25th April 2012 10:48 PM

Ho Mark H

Sorry the boards are developed on Deboichet, Tectonics, Z Fins, Huricane and the new Drake Slalom Ready to Race who are specially study for iSonic.

All the best

mark h 25th April 2012 11:52 PM

Merci Remi:)

My mistake, I think it was the Estonian Z fins. I fancy trying fins with a curved leading edge for a change, so a new stash of Z fins is on the cards:) Just need to figure out which sizes.

nonopr 28th April 2012 01:20 PM

I have succesfully used Vector fins and F4 fins on my isonics. From Vector works really good the Canefire Carbon and the Volt. From F4 D2 is really good also.
Deboichet is no longer developing fins that I know off and amny of the other brands Remi mention are working wellbut difficult to get your hands on them due to either poor customer service or no interest to selling regular joes like us.

kvda 13th May 2012 08:04 AM

Well, I've ordered and received a Select Vmax 39 for my 2012 isonic 107, very curious about how it feels.

Anyone experience with these fins?

paulo56 18th May 2012 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by kvda (Post 56958)
Well, I've ordered and received a Select Vmax 39 for my 2012 isonic 107, very curious about how it feels.

Anyone experience with these fins?

Yes ! i have 2 Select -french fin's :)
> VMax 45 for my North SType 7.8 (perhaps 8.4 in few days... it's the same lenght of fin)
> VMax 41 for my 7.3 SType
It's fantastic ! i'm really excited by these fin's
Speed, foil, and comfort in high winds is on the top.
I prefere than Deboichet.

kvda 27th May 2012 09:12 AM

Paulo, tnx for your feedback!

Friday I've tested the Vmax 39 with RS Racing 7.8 on the 2012 107 and got over 32 knots with it. It's a great fin. I've ordered a 35 for my 97 with 6.7/ 7.2

But you seem to use quite big sizes! ?

paulo56 30th May 2012 08:37 AM

Hi Kvda !

No ! i have a ISonic wide 117 2011, and not a 107....
For 8.6/7.5 it's 45 VMax the good choice (max 47 for light light wind)
and 41 for 7.0, never under 41 on Wide 117.... dixit Antoine Questel (and Select Boss), a friend of me in Britain, 2nd to PWA... (> 40.5 knots with VMax39...)
30.50 knts for me with this Wide and 7.3..... very cool... (!!!) I wait the "very goods conditions" to improve this perf (for me)... :)
A very best friend of me, had this IS 107 2012... he's "always" very fast.... with all these boards so, and he had try this VMax... now, he sold "all" this fetish Deboichet ! for VMax. :) too good this fin's

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