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Unregistered 5th May 2012 06:20 PM

2010 isonic vs. 2010 manta 69
Anyone familiar here with tabou manta 69 from 2010? I can't find the tail width measurement for that board.
Tail seems narrower than the isonics and no cutouts.

I'm familiar with 2010 isonic 101, so that's my point of reference. From googling, it seems people like the mantas in the chop and the speed is good. Any other impressions? From the tabou website, the tail is supposed to get more powerful in 2011.

Gyurmo 7th May 2012 12:11 PM


the manta 69 was more freeride kind of board for me. i compared with the iSonic 111. manta was nice easy jibe and confortable but slower. if you have the opportunity to try it that would be the best feedback for you. if you check the korean pwa result right now, after the first race 7 iSonic in the top 10. maybe you never hear about the first turkish guy, who beat antoine - on iSonic. maybe this is more credible than my experience...:D


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