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Unregistered 5th May 2012 08:39 PM

UltraSonic 2012 - Wood or Carbon??
I am an 94 kg intermediate that wonder whether it makes sense to buy the WOOD version of US147!

I am really interested in the CARBON version but the local distributor only have WOOD on stock. I read that the new WOOD is using TECHNORA in 2012, so it is definitely heavier than the CARBON version. The UltraSonic Carbon weight is app 7.8, while the WOOD version is N.A. on Starboards Website (importer mentioend 8.3 kg?)!

The importer provided his subjective opinion with following arguments for the WOOD version:

"....choose Wood Carbon is a lot more fragile."
"...prefer Wood because it is more “comfortable”."
"...The Carbon version tend to be a bit too stiff. It could be worth that extra ½ kilo to gain some comfort and strength"

Is that true that the WOOD version (with Technora) is more durable than the CARBON version? The latter should be the strongest construction? Any comments/ opinions? Will the board plan later in WOOD?
Any experiences with the WOOD version? Are there any arguments for WOOD?

A side Q: The distributor mentioned that it is "..bit risky to import one single board (long way and weak protection, so to speak)...." Is that the case for single orders? What is the normal delivery time??

Looking forward to your comments


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