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JK 7th May 2012 08:41 PM

Futura 141 v Carve 141
I am an advanced intermediate looking for a fun board to sail.
My smaller boards are Kombats 107 and 122 which I really like.
I am looking for something to take my 8.5 for lighter wind days.
It says on the website that the 2012 carve should be as fast as Futura?
If I assume the Carve will also be better to gybe then this would leave me wondering why I should buy a Futura?

I have in the past owned a 2002 Carve 151 and really liked it, I then had a Futura 144 2008 and also liked it but found it not as easy to gybe but faster.

Also if I go for a Carve I have the option of 151 but see it has not been updated from 2011, is the 2012 model really that much better?


Remi 8th May 2012 02:41 AM

Hi John,

Carve are more easy to jibe but also less technical to use, easy everywhere. Futura need a bit more skill.
Carve 121 & 141 just win the test in Deusch Windsurfing Mag (7 x 10 and one 9) and can confirm you that they are much better than 2011 models.

Hope this help

All the best

JK 8th May 2012 07:32 AM


Thanks for the quick reply, is there much difference in top speed between the Carve and Futura on the 2012 models.


Remi 10th May 2012 07:41 AM

Hi John,

Still in favor of the Futura, shape an fin are not for the same purpose. Top end speed is in the red zone and in general it's the skill of the rider who make the difference. I consider the Carve as a very good board for intermediate level and Futura before iSonic.

All the best

RAW 13th May 2012 03:21 PM

Thanks for the question JK,
This is the exact question I also have.
Remi would changing the fin on the Carve 141 improve the speed of the Carve?
Would you also consider an Ultrasonic 147 when looking at the Futura and Carve 141?
Thanks again.

Remi 15th May 2012 03:54 AM


Yes on any boards you can improve your speed by changing your fin, just need to find the best one to the Carve program.

UltraSonic are the only board who is realy wider than any Futura and Carve and sails will be of course bigger.

It's depend also of your weight and sails you suppose to use on.

All the best

JK 16th May 2012 07:07 AM

I have decided to go for a 2012 wood carve 141 for ease of gybing as it should also pretty quick to plane and have a good top speed.

RAW 16th May 2012 08:44 AM

Am pretty sure I will also get Carve 141 wood. Ease of use and it's reported light wind performance in the Windsurfingng Journal make it a difficult board to better.

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