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PatrikLind 9th May 2012 06:46 AM

Quad IQ 87 - Optimum Bump & Jump fin
Perhaps a bit of an odd question

Between wave sessions I use my 2012 Quad 87 on a lake for Bump & Jump.
I live by the theory that my equipment should be best those 20 % of the time when the conditions are epic. A lot of people want the best performance for the 80 %. That's not for me.

To my question
What fin set up would work best for the following scenario: 6.0 - 6.3 m2 sail, lake Bump & Jump?

Ian Fox 23rd May 2012 01:16 AM

Hi Patrick, as you suggested most people probably will agree that a lake B+J setup for a dedicated waveboard is perhaps a bit odd. Maybe that's partly why you haven't been rushed off your feet with replies?? Anyway, as I've some experience with larger Quads in B+J mode, let's consider what can be done;

Typically running the 4 Quad fins as far apart as possible and larger fins at the front will deliver the maximum drive available from the board as supplied, which for B+J (especially on less wavey lake water even if choppy). Twins will simple provide less lift, less drive, less directional and a more skatey ride (great if you want it but not what most would consider a B+J ideal..)

As you're running the Q87 toward the upper end of the sail SIZE range, that imples it's being used in almost "marginal" conditions for such a setup anyway(or by a larger rider orand/or a particulary power hungry one etc), and that the (optional) use of some larger fins (than stock) may offer some further performance upgrad ( Maybe I'd redefine that as "rideability" upgrade??) To what size will in turn be influenced by your rider weight (unknown to us ??) but consider that for larger riders using something like 15/11 15/12 or even 16/11 for larger riders would be a possibility. Also depends to some extent on the make/model of the option fins (vs size) as yes they do differ vs mechanical size too. Note that that is not what we recommend for the board as intended (pure power wave riding) - but rather what you could consider optional (if available) to try and make the QUAD 87 into a more B+J tuning for lighter 87 wind range. On a lake...

Whatever you end up with, you'll at least have some good fun checking out all the options as well !

Cheers ~ Ian

PatrikLind 23rd May 2012 06:25 AM

Thank's for the reply.

I'm in the middle weight wise - 78 kg.

I will probably buy a set of K4 Flex 16 cm + 10 or 11 cm G10 frontfins that I already have. Even though a bit on the flexy side I'll give 'em a try.

I must say that my Simmer Quantum 75 (quad) works perfect on our lake. Slower than some but perfect for making the most of the chop hops. I guess it'll be pretty much the same with the SB Q 87 when I bring it home from Diamond Head.

Ian Fox 23rd May 2012 10:17 PM

Hi Patrick,

Generally better to use the fins in matched sets (by flex). While the softer flex style fins are working well in wave riding mode; when pushed to the limit you ideally want fins that all flex in a co-ordinated manner,,,
You may find the less flexy G10 better when pushing a board like Quad into B+J mode, where "blasting" across chop to get up speed to get the chop hops is more the target, compared to having soft flexy fins staying hooked up and tracking during wave riding.

Cheers ~ Ian

PatrikLind 24th May 2012 04:32 PM

Absolutely! The price difference however lures me into some testing. If they don't work I'll just try them in twin mode on my Simmer Quantum 75. : )

Thank's for your thoughts Ian, much appreciated.

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