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torridon 19th May 2012 11:34 AM

Severne Reflex II Batten broken
Hey guys, (and girls!)

Last september at UK's NWF someone at the night party managed to stand on my Reflex and the 2nd to top batten has been snapped :mad: . I was wondering if I could either swap any old batten that fits (from an old NP or Gaastra sail), out with the broken one, or will I have to buy a new one from Severne?

Cheers, Jamie. :)

Ian Fox 23rd May 2012 11:11 PM

Hi Jamie,

No idea how anyone would be partying so hard @ night during NWF ;)
(well I guess once you've been there - or seen the videos - it gets a bit more logical ??)

Anyway....a "similar" batten will be more functional than no batten or a broken one.
And sailing with a marginal one better than not sailing... ;)

While there's no requirement to replace the batten with a genuine one, the Reflex's are a pretty dialled in sail, built to highest performance with very tight tolerances. Keeping the sail as close to original in terms of shape/twist etc is obviously preferable... Severne does support the order/supply of spare parts for all the race sails as a service item, so the original item could/can be obtained thru the Severne Dealer network if required/desired etc.

Cheers ~ Ian

NWF 24th May 2012 08:10 AM

Hi Jamie,

I maybe able to assist give me a bell 07739 718281
Al Cross

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